News bites

Yay, pathologists!
As a direct result of the recently announced pay increase, we will soon have two—count ‘em—two shiny new pathologists working in the province. Which is good news for everybody. Amazing how far $700,000—the average salary, $350,000, times two— can go. (More at

Hortons vs. Flowers
When it was announced a Tim Hortons would be constructed on a field in Corner Brook recently, a group of people planted flowers on the plot as protest. Damn them and their radical environmentalist  tricks! It’s sad when you have to choose between flowers and coffee. (More at

Metrobus fare increase
Citing the high price of diesel, Metrobus has increased regular fares to $2.25—25 cents more than it used to be. Score one boot to the head for lower income folks, and one high-five for climate apocalypse. Is the city really spending close to $8 million on public transit this year? (More at