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Andy Wells steps down
He’s called a fellow councillor “a stupid old woman.” He’s called David Suzuki “a junk scientist.” He’s called folks demanding his resignation “low-life vermin.” And he’s our mayor up until March 3. Although he made City Council meetings exciting to watch with a beer on a Monday night, His Worship has been responsible for a lot of knee-jerk mumbo jumbo over the years. Will the rusty gears of city council turn any better without him?

Not enough home-care
There’s a shortage of people willing to work gruelling jobs for low pay when they can find better pay elsewhere. (Surprise!) According to a piece on CBC, managers of local home-care businesses are saying there aren’t enough people willing to work for the $8 wage here in the province. We’ve got a rapidly aging population, and we’re not a particularly healthy lot… We’re going to need more money for this stuff.

Food prices on the rise
First it’s the oil, then it’s the grains, then it’s the milk and eggs and the meat and cheese and the… The price of food is on the rise. The price of flour, in particular, has doubled in the past two months. Weather problems, farmers switching to more profitable crops (grains for biofuels) and high oil prices are to blame, according to news reports.
Tell me again why Newfoundland isn’t producing more of its own food?

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Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie, just because. (by…

Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie, just because. (by FilmDrunkDotCom)

14 July 2012

  1. Alison D · July 14, 2012

    And of course he liked to threaten to sue any taxpayer brash enough to stand up to such ignorance. Interesting that he’s already turned around and told council, he’s a taxpayer and will be watching them. Personally, I can’t wait til he retires completely from public life. Meanwhile, I hear that may be a celebratory conga line down Water Street.
    do do do do Andy’s gone…do do do do do, yah….

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