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Take our 2013 Sex & Dating Survey

Feb 11 2013 Published by under Sex Survey

Our third annual sex and dating survey is now online. It’s completely anonymous and fun.

Click here to fill it out. The survey deadline is Friday, February 22.

You can see the results from our last one here.

Take our 2013 Sex & Dating Survey

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2012 Sex Survey: Porn

Mar 22 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

Adapted image from Flickr user ktylerconk


Percentage of Sex Survey respondents who admit to watching porn with their partner.

What did you watch? Or which video was your favourite?
A hilarious 80’s porn where one of the guys had an inexplicable pink cast on his arm.
champion by shine louise houstan
crashpadseries/james deen/everything
just some random stuff on YouPorn
Surfin da tube 8
LAdy porn. Hardcore
BDSM oriented, webcams, and a slew of other stuff
Random internet videos.
What didn’t we watch? Girl on Girl = favorite
Torture and bondage porn, sub-training vids
This isn’t glee
The Playboy Channel
various videos on
fat sex
Lesbian Internet Porn
Random clips from Red Tube or Porn Hub
What was on TV at the time
two girls with one guy
Group Sex.
Just general stuff online
The Naughty Newfie
Facial sluts 10
straight porrn
We went through a phase of watchy the classics for fun
Don’t remember
Mostly amateur stuff
the whole lot of it
amateur on xtube
Boy on Girl
big lebowski parody, friday the 13th parody, schindlers wrist, sex off
The Big Lebowski – A XXX Parody
Random online stuff of mutual interest.
Lesbian Porn, It was ok
Clips online.
threesome, orgy, squirting
lots of short porn clips involving straght, gay, or whatever, just curious what was out there
online videos
Tim Tales?
Just the normal girl on guy kind.
Tarzan and Jane
Lesbian porn
Group sex scenes
girl on girl
don’t know the titles
One girl one guy while hubby watches and cleans up mess at the end
BBW video
lots, lesbian
Too many to pick one.
Exhibitionist videos, i.e: public masturbation/sex
no idea, nobody famous no favorite
unrealistic lesbian porn
pickle porn
We watched teenage (18+) lesbian sex vid
Straight up sex scene. No frills
random hentai
typical porn
online stuff from youporn, dnk if ever watched the same video twice
Too many to count
Ndsm, kink, lesbian
Fisting and squirting.
Don’t remember
Lust Cinema
Just whatever was on Uporn
I enjoy lesbian or bondage porn.
interracial porn
The Crash Pad series
Group sexin’.
various vids
Girl on girl
It was all crap
That 70s show xxx parody!
squirting videos
lesbian porn
crappy tv porn. didn’t watch much
lesbian porn
group sex, 4 somes
favorites are usually ones that seem like real couples
it was a twillight spoof. hilarious
Female Domination
This one Sean Cody double penetration one was pretty good.
Abby Winters is the best porn.
Did not pay attention to the title – Sasha Grey was in it
Debbie does Dallas
FFM, MMF, gay/lesbian, BDSM, “nromal” girl on guy
soft core
redtube ftw!
sex n submission
Anal sex vids..yay!
Pirates. Its actually pretty good.
Lesbian porn
They’re all the same, aren’t they? stuff
“Show girl” movie
Mandy Candy
Lesbian, straight (amateur)
some gay gangbang thing, while i was fucking him up the ass with my strap-on
internet, bdsm rope bondage porn
efukt, stumbleupon
random internet videos
A hilarious Forum dvd my roommate left when she moved out. It was jokes.
No videos; we prefer erotica.
“female friendly”
Red tube
Porn movie / Candy Lee, Kira Kener, Savannah Stern
Guy On Girl
Jenna Jameson stuff
We go one for one
Something off pornwall
Online amateur videos
Paris Hilton – boring!
girls having sex at frat party in front of cheering men
90s french porn movie

2012 Sex Survey: Porn

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2012 Sex Survey: Favourite (non-bedroom) room for sex

Mar 21 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

2012 Sex Survey: Favourite (non-bedroom) room for sex

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2012 Sex Survey: Sexy Bucket List

Mar 20 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

What is one sex-related thing you’d like to do before you die?

Some of your sexy answers, terrible spelling and all…

God, even more anal.
go down on a girl
sex with a hot butch who knows what she’s doin.
Rope suspension.
find love
all of it.
have sex with someone i loved and who loved me back
Again…multiple partners
an orgi!
Have sex with someone who doesn’t speak any english.
three guys at once out doors
Have one or more one nnight stands
Have a one night stand
Have more partners.
Have sex on a beach. Sex on a beach!
An orgy, like in that movie about the orgy
Group shower sex
have sex with my hot profressor
Use high end sex toys that use electricity to enhance, and prolong orgasm.
have sex with a woman
have lesbian sex
One night stand
hit the bong when fucking
sex in a castle, that I live in with my current girlfriend.
If the risks were removed, let a line of random men and women fuck me — one after the other.
Have an orgasm from vaginal sex
sleep with a dominant older man
have sex up against a wall, and on a beach
Sex in a hot tub
sex outside
Have sex with a man other than my partner
have sex on a boat
Get married
Have sex outside
go to a (sexy not gross) bathhouse. More or less anonymously, not in St. John’s!
Have a MMMMF.
A weekend away with a secret lover.
mile high club
sex on the moon.
pee on someone
Have sex in a public place.
Sleep with George Clooney
chocolate body paint
Use a strap-on on a dude.
have someone watch
roleplaying in public
Get road head.
Sex on a plane
sex in an airplane
fuck a celebrity
have sex in a tent on a mountain
Sexy photo shoot
Come on my own using a vibrator
Sex on a plane
Fuck backstage at a concert
Get tied up
Use a strap on with a man
double penetration
Sex on wedding night
have sex wit yur mudder
Perform like I was younger.
lumberjack roleplay
Suck one womans toes while another gives me a footer.
do it in the air
Have an orgasm as many places as possible
Have sex in zero gravity.
Sex on the beach
get fucked by a stranger
Have sex on a roof
sex to ac/dc music
make out with a girl
get a prostitute with the hubby
feel confident in my blow-job abilities
Sex sitting up
Sex with my long-time but unavailable crush
Dominatrix type spanking
Own a consensual blackmail slave.
have sex with Lady Gaga
High Priced Escort, got to see what they’re all about.
sex outdoors by a lake or somewhere else as inspiring.
making her moan loud enough to wake the neighbours
Probably pegging, or some bdsm things.
Give head at the Harry Potter Amusement Park
I want to fuck typography themed sex toys, dirty talk and all.
have sex on the eiffel tower
be with that young mick jagger look alike in town
double blowjob
Have boy on girl sex and make a baby. Ultimate in kink.
mile-high 3some…is that too greedy?
make love in a bed filled with rose petals
Self-suspension. Scarification / artistic cutting. So many things…
Sex with another girl.
Make a video
have sex with a girl
sex on a bridge
Have sex in school
double blowjob with another girl
Have sex in an airplane
Sex on an airplane.
Visit a swingers’ club.
Film better homemade porn videos.
Dress up S&M style and be whipped
Have relations with another female.
have sex on the roof of the saddledome and at centre ice of every NHL arena (except ACC – leafs suck)
Be whipped
Be the center of a gang-bang
Do twin sisters.
Sex in an airplane
sex with a strap-on
Fuck in space
Have children.
have a same-sex experience
own and have the unrestricted use of a harem
go to a large sex party with more then 20 people
Open a BDSM club in St. John’s
Be involved in an orgy.
I’ve been told by a lot of gay male friends that taking it in the ass is pretty sweet. Though I’m not really sure if I could ever go there.
join the mile-high club.
Sex swing!
Get tied up
Have a series of sexual encounters that do not affect me emotionally
Sex in front of bystanders.
All holes filled
cum on a girls face
Strip in public
Make a personal sex video.
Have a session in the San Francisco Armory
Star in porn.
Bondage and role play.
be gangbanged
Fuck my man all around the world
have sex on a boat
sex on a beach
Have sex in Tokyo in an elevator during an earthquake
Get laid twice in one day with different partners.
devil’s three way
suckin’ dicks at a glory hole
lesbian sex
Have a harem of men
be with an older woman
Sex in a public place
Have sex in the back of a moving cab
massive orgy
Sex on a giant sheet of bubble wrap.
have sex in public places
Mile high club
Probably Avril Lavigne.
Go to a BDSM party
fuck on acid or shrooms.
Sex on the beach
Peg a guy with a strap-on.
Sneak into a stranger’s yard and have sex on their trampoline (if they don’t have a trampoline, fuck it, we might as well steal shit.)
sex in zero gravity
Get pissed on
done all that i’ve wanted can die happy
sex in the kitchen
Sex while free falling or in a 0 gravity atmosphere.
group – all girls
Three way with a another guy/girl
Strip on a pole

2012 Sex Survey: Sexy Bucket List

One response so far

2012 Sex Survey: Favourite Sex Positions

Mar 19 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

2012 Sex Survey: Favourite Sex Positions

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2012 Sex Survey: Dating Advice

Mar 16 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

The dating pool in St. John’s can be pretty shallow, so we asked Sex Survey respondents for their best piece of advice for navigating these wooing waters. Here’s what they had to say:

• Don’t go on dates with girls who have boyfriends.
• Don’t be picky it all feels the same in the dark.
• If you don’t shoot, you don’t score.
• If you find somebody you can tolerate, hang on to them.
• Everyone needs to stop treating the opposite sex like they are aliens from another planet.
• Don’t expect sex on the first date.
• Forget how small this town is, and date beyond the overpass.
• Technology sure makes it difficult to play hard to get!
• Beware of the six degrees of lesbian dating separation.
• If you’re comfortable with yourself other people will be too.
• You’re not going to find love on George Street. Fact.
• Adhere to all the safety regulations as outlined by the “So Your Body is Changing” pamphlet.
• Don’t lower your standards; cast a wider net.
• Don’t date musicians.
• Watch out for slicksters.
• The only way to meet people is to actually get out and meet people.
• In St. John’s if the date goes really shitty and you never want to see her again, she will sit next to you on the bus, or in class, or be your best friend’s sister.
• Girls who wear hats are great in the sack!
• Be bold.
• Seth Rogan said it best: “find someone in a pumpkin patch, not online.”
• Be touchy-feely but not grab-happy.
• Break into places together. It makes things way more fun.
• Don’t burn bridges. Remember we are on an island, you will need all bridges.
• Stop cheating on each other.
• Don’t break the half your age plus 7 years minimum age limit.
• Small pond, try not to pollute it.
• The shallow people are in shallow waters. Go deeper.
• Join a club or volunteer or something if you want to meet people.
• Be honest.
• Definitely creep them out on facebook first.
• Don’t settle and don’t tie yourself down too quickly.
• Keep on truckin’.
• Dress nice.
• It’s a numbers game.
• It’s a jungle out there.
• The older you get, the harder it gets.
• Watch out for people who want to change you.
• Mind the gap.
• Be brave.
• Have a friend set you up, and have good friends.
• Use a condom.
• Wear socks on your first date. Underwear is optional.

2012 Sex Survey: Dating Advice

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2012 Sex Survey: Religion and Relationship Status

Mar 15 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

Total percentage of respondents whose relationship status is…

Going steady: 26%
It’s complicated: 7%
Open Relationship: 2%
Other: 2%
Partnered or Married: 33%
Single: 31%

Total percentage of respondents whose religious beliefs are…

Non-religious: 27%
Christian: 27%
Agnostic: 21%
Atheist: 16%
Other: 6%
Pagan: 1%
Muslim: : <1% Buddhist: <1% Spiritual: : <1%

2012 Sex Survey: Religion and Relationship Status

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2012 Sex Survey: Sexiest thing you’ve done this year…

Mar 14 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

To quench your thirst for perverse details about your neighbours, here are a pile of unedited sexy things they’ve been up to over the past year…

What is the sexiest thing you did this past year?

sex in a front end loader wearing a tank girl costume.

Slow danced with my partner while drinking Amaretto and ended with having sex on the dining-room table.

pin-up themed hotel room for my partner

Dressed up in hot lingerie and pimped myself out to an older gentleman.


broke into a car and made out

Wore nothing to bed but a Santa hat

slow danced to fast music in public

slept with a reggae star in Jamaica

I wrote a customized erotic short story for a friend who was separeted from all sexual outlets except her email and her personal sex toys hidden under her bed. It was fun to write and amazing to learn how much it affected her.

Got railed by three guys in a grave yard. (wearing nothing but a bodysuit, coat and heals)

exhibitonism in new york city

Sexted a guy when he was with his girlfriend ;)

Had sex in the rain.

lost 3 pounds and paraded around the Harbor in me birthday suit

Posted tasteful nude photos of myself on a kink website

Sex on a couch with high possibilty of discovery

Full Moon Party

I randomly send my boy voice memos of me getting off, he loves them, he can here me get off everywhere he goes now #Headphonesareablessing

Attended an orgy.

Maintained a relationship.

… *whomp whomp*.

Showed up to my date’s house wearing nothing under my trenchcoat

A night at the B&B with jacuzzi, rose petals, wine, and chocolate covered strawberries. Perfect.

Wore sexy lingerie to school and ‘accidentally’ flashed a cute prof

Become a Christmas present, bow and all.

Sex in an outdoor hut tub, which moved out into the grass, then back into the tub.

sent sexy pictures

Wore a dress with a zipper in front, for my partner to undo

Wore a vibrator on a long car ride.

Strawberry and whipped cream girlfriend sundae

Meet a stranger I’d met online, unseen, at a hotel room

Posed as a half naked lumber jack

Spent most of a weekend naked except for a leather collar

Eating sundaes off each others’ bodies

tied up out doors

nude photoshoots

I bought a 200 dollar bra.

had sex for 24 hours straight

Stripped at the Cotton Club.

Got a haircut

almost breaking the shower’s glass door


sex with an on-duty nurse

made a baby

Open window sex in a toronto hotel window

Santa lingerie singing santa baby and dancing

2012 Sex Survey: Sexiest thing you’ve done this year…

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2012 Sex Survey 2012: What’s your biggest fantasy?

Mar 12 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

People are dreaming of threesomes mostly, but below are some of the more creative fantasies as respondents submitted them, poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and all…

Sex in a change room

monogamy. just a fantasy

Be part of a moresome

a devil’s threesome

Rough sex in a closet.

bacon definitely.

Princess Leah Star-wars fantasy. Everyone knows that

to have 3-4 submissive boys and girls trained to take care of my home, and my sexuality without all the complicated jealousy and drama.

Revenge sex with friends in relationships that have rejected me in the past

going to a sex club where there are actually sexy people.

a dragon fucking a unicorn.

A threesome with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

A long day of sex on a hot beach with other people also doing the same, so we could watch and be watched.

Something involving a deli

Completely being doted on…

eating capelin while having sex.

for someone to walk in a room take one look at me walk up and kiss me

Getting boned by ‘Darth Vader’ while dressed up like a Storm Trooper.


having sex for days on a private island like in Breaking Dawn… :/

Love slave for a sexy amazon colony

Princess Leia golden bikini. Got to love the classics

Sex in a bunny costume.

scuba sex

Consensual sex in the missionary position

Mixed wrestling match getting intensely more and more passionate and then they give into their desires.

doing someone in the bathroom/on the dance floor

resident evil girl cosplay

to have sex followed up by a good nights sleep

sex with a tentacle demon

Anything involving Jon Hamm.

sex in a dory! no really. since childhood.

do it with the devil himself

Posing naked for my old girlfriend and doing it in the paint.

To have my boyfriend have his way with me while I’m sleeping

Getting a hot cop to get high with me/have sex in the police car

have 16 women at once

still having an awesome sex life with my partner when I’m old

sex in thunder storm

fucking a professor

Having a harem of men. Fit, bearded, giant, burly men. Who spend all day reading the Atlantic and the New Yorker so that they can regale me with super interesting stories and then fuck my brains out after I’m all turned on by how hot they are.

Sex in the back of a Jiffy Cab

a lodge somewhere, fire place, no one else, snow music bam! :D

Alexandre Despatie

Probably Avril Lavigne.

Have sex with my wife under the Christmas tree

To get married and buy a house

Role playing doctor

Threesome with two foreign chicks who don’t speak English:)

a hummer in the shower always nice to think about

having sex with a girl at a party in front of cheering men ;-)

2012 Sex Survey 2012: What’s your biggest fantasy?

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Sex Survey 2012: Dating Websites

Mar 09 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

Sex Survey 2012: Dating Websites

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Sex Survey 2012: Downtownies do it with hats on

Mar 08 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

Sex Survey 2012: Downtownies do it with hats on

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2012 Sex Survey: The most adventurous sexual thing I did this year was…

Mar 07 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

Some highlights, as they were written:

Soviet peasant/officer role play

Not much apparently. Jeez.

Had sex on a soccer field

sex outdoors in a gravel pit in a front end loader scoop.

Had sex in a car in a public parking lot

In a sauna in Dublin Ireland

Keep the lights on all da time!

Bondage cabin orgy

Had sex while wearing my Christopher Walken t-shirt

Have sex outside MUN field house in the summertime in the early morning.

sex on the ferry

sex in a cab

Sex on the couch

Sex on the balcony in Cuba!

Remote vibrator. Hells. Yes.

Seduced someone by dancing on a bar, than had sex in the woods out back.

Had sex on Middlecove beach

group sex in a bath house

Sex in the rain

Let my husband try the back door

Fell in love

Sex in one of the run-down houses at the bottom of signal hill road.

Sex in a forest

A threesome


had sex on the fifth floor of the mun library

bought a new usb hard drive for my porn.

Get in a naked car chase/almost busted by the cops (SO SCARY, DON’T DO THIS!)

Fuck in an igloo

Corrupted a “straight” girl.

have sex in cape spear in one of the old dugout army things

sex on a golf course

Salmonfest, porter pottie, loaded, and tried to make as little contact with the thing as possible. Ha! I’d do it again.

Threesome with two co-workers… oops

andddd my mind draws a blank! damn, i need to get laid

Get pregnant

Become a Christmas present – bow and all

sex on a merry-go-round

I’m done with “adventure”

Sleep with to people in the same day, seperately

sex in the middle of the football field

swing party

Act out someone’s zombie sex fantasy

None of your bee wacks.

outside bar none in the ditch

had sex in the pond next to a highway

made sex video

Sex on an airplane

Tried anal with toys that had “to be plugged in” – get it!

ask a girl for her number.

Sex on the washing machine

Had sex with other people in the same room

sex on the ferry

boyfriend wore work boots and hard hat

Blindfolded, legs and hands tied, gagged.

2012 Sex Survey: The most adventurous sexual thing I did this year was…

3 responses so far

2012 Sex Survey: One Night Stands

Mar 06 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

2012 Sex Survey: One Night Stands

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2012 Sex Survey: Local Sex Positions

Mar 05 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

• Clubbing the Seal
• Da Fussell’s Cream
• Newfoundland Doggy-style
• The Backwards Hakapik
• The Bannerman Grass Stain
• The Bar None
• The Barter’s Hill
• The Battery Ram
• The Blow Me Down
• The Buried Dolphin
• The Cabot Tower
• The CBS Straddle
• The Cod Jigger
• The Cod Rock
• The Come By Chance
• The Come-From-Away
• The Danny Heart Stopper
• The Deep Harbour
• The Dirty Townie
• The Downtown Reach Around
• The Duckworth
• The Figgy Duff
• The Foggy Day
• The George Street Blues
• The George Street Crab
• The Givin’ ‘er
• The Hang-Ashore
• The Happy Valley
• The Harbor Front
• The Hard Bread
• The Heart’s Delight
• The Hey Rosetta
• The Hot Toboggan (pictured above)
• The Hungry Fisherman
• The Jelly Bean Row
• The Kitchen Party
• The Lobster Trap
• The Moo Moo’s Moaner
• The Narrows
• The Newfie Bullet
• The Puffin
• The Quidi Vidi
• The Rabbittown
• The Reverse Puffin
• The Road De Luxe
• The Screech In
• The Ship
• The Signal Hill Slam
• The Slammin’ Salmon
• The Squid Jigger
• The St. Johns Slurpee
• The St. John’s Waltz
• The Stay where your to, I’ll come where your at
• The Touton Smash
• The Winky’s Wedge
• Under the Overpass

2012 Sex Survey: Local Sex Positions

2 responses so far

2012 Sex Survey: Dealbreakers

Mar 02 2012 Published by under Sex Survey

What's a dating dealbreaker for you?

2012 Sex Survey: Dealbreakers

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