Lynn Panting, Dancer

From taking dance classes to teaching them, Lynn Panting has been expressing herself through movement all her life.

Mathias Kom, Festival Organizer

Lawnya Vawnya, an exposition of independent arts and culture in St. John’s, running April 20-24, boasts an impressive line-up of music, readings, lectures, art, and a music crawl. We spoke with Mathias Kom, musician, festival organizer, and newcomer to St. John’s about planning the first…

Photo by Ryan Davis

Lisa Simms, floral designer

We recently stopped to smell the roses at The Flower Studio on Military Road. Our interview with Lisa Simms gets to the heart of arranging flowers.


Life on the high wheel

Steve Watson, co-host of Rogers TV’s One Chef, One Critic just bought a bicycle from the past.

Marie Wadden

Marie Wadden has a masters’ degree in Journalism and has been working as a broadcast journalist since 1977, first in TV and then in radio. She won the 2005 Atkinson fellowship in Public Policy and wrote about addiction in aboriginal communities across Canada in a series of articles for the Toronto Star. This research also generated a book—her second about aboriginal issues—that was recently released in paperback.

Tommy Gushue

At only 22 years of age, Tommy Gushue has won scriptwriting contests, sold a pilot to the CBC, nabbed an agent, and formed his own local production company, Black Market Films. Black Market’s first project was to shoot a zombie film, Date with the Dead, co-starring Andy Jones. Dead is set to be completed by February 2009.

Jamie Skidmore

You are a teacher of young theatre artists at MUN, what are their main concerns regarding theatre here in St. John’s? “I was speaking to a student yesterday who perceives the theatre scene in St. John’s as very closed and insular. I don’t think this is the case, but I also think young actors and directors need to make their own theatre for a while before connecting up with established organizations.

Charlie Thomlinson

  Bio: Charlie Tomlinson has been involved in theatre for nearly as long as he can remember. Born in London, England, Tomlinson moved to Newfoundland in 1972 and would go on to study history and philosophy on MUN. Later, he would serve as artistic animateur…

Tim Conway

Being able to talk to Tim Conway presents many possibilities—what was it like to work with Sandra Bullock in Speed II: Cruise Control? What’s the methodology behind Dorf Does Golf? Of course, that’s not the Tim Conway we spoke to, so those questions must wait….