Society Life

Get involved, get active. Here are six MUN societies that you might be into.


When the snow and cold of January rolls around, Bryhanna Greenough has a range of laid-back social activities to help you avoid going full hermit.

Dropping Science

Tony Ingram is one of Newfoundland’s best b-boys, and has been one for eight years. He is also a physical therapist and runs the website B-Boy Science.

Obscure Eats: 2012

Is St. John’s a city without culinary surprises? We took to the streets to find and sample some hidden food in the capital city.

Mr. Plow

Morgan Murray spends a snow day with a City of St. John’s snow plow operator Terry Bennett.

Big Ideas 2011

What’s one innovative idea that would make St. John’s a better place? Here are some ideas from readers and contributors.