I Saw Thee

Famed literary critic, Reginald D. Abergavenny III, is back to take a close look at the literary merits of some of the more popular I saw Yous.

The Best of #HolyroodMovieStars

From the same procrastinating people who brought you #NewfoundlandBands, here are some hits from this morning’s #HolyroodMovieStars hashtag on Twitter.

I Saw Thee, II

In the 18th it was the poet, the 19th the novelist, the 20th the rapper; in ours, the 21st century, the great writer is the anonymous internet writer. Famed literary critic Dr. Reginald D. Abergavenny III turns his critical eye to two recent I Saw Yous.


I Saw Thee

To celebrate the anniversary of what has become the most popular section of our website, we have commissioned a famed literary critic to take a closer look at a few of the more popular I Saw Yous.


Happy 105th, Virgin Berg!

It was 105 years ago on this day that St. John’s photographer T.B. Hayward captured a snapshot of the legendary Virgin Mary iceberg.