Best Coffee (Espresso Based)

Photo by Elling Lien.

Post Espresso Bar

168 Water Street,

Runner Up: Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food

At Post Espresso, recipient of this year’s coveted Best Coffee (Espresso-based) title, the pursuit of the perfect cup is elevated from the dark ages to a positively scientific level of exactitude. The space, with its clean white lines and postmodern spartanism, evokes a stylish chemistry lab.

“Precision, craft, quality, those are the three words I like to say Post is all about,” says owner David Bowden. “I think our espresso encompasses those three things.”

All the guesswork is taken out of the process. The beans are weighed beforehand, as are the resulting shots, and everything is timed to the second. The finished product is no less than a transcendent espresso.

But espresso isn’t the only empirical marvel on offer at Post. Bowden and his staff offer coffee brewed via pour-over, AeroPress, and—on slow mornings—siphoning through a nexus of tubes and lab glass to produce a tiny amount of the alertness-granting elixir.

The AeroPress is all the rage in Europe, says Bowden, having recently returned from the London Coffee Festival. It’s basically a marriage of the tried-and-true French press and the space age, and is—Bowden assures me—the best possible chance for a caffeinatory dilettante to make a halfways decent cup of joe at home.

Bowden, six months into the reign of Post, couldn’t be happier with his results. “I was either going to go to architecture school at Dalhousie, or move home and open a shop, and I’m very pleased I chose the latter. Now I’m home, in my own shop, making coffee.”