BOSJ2007 – Lovin’

Best Place to Meet a New Lover – Best Pick Up Line – Best Place for a First Date – Best Make Out Spot – Best Place to Break Up

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Best Place to Meet a New Lover

Winner: George Street

Um… meet as in “pick up”? On George Street? Okay, if that’s what does it for you. People keep finding… well, not love necessarily, but, uh, companionship on North America’s longest uninterrupted row of bars and pubs, so I guess there’s something to it. I imagine the alcohol has much to do with it, no? It’s bar close, you’re spilling out into the street, you split a cab with someone. Or maybe your hands meet while waving fives at a hot-dog vendor. Yeah, that spells romance. I’m feelin’ it. AP

Runner Up: MUN / MUN Library Book Stacks
Other: “Downtown but off George Street (less scuzzy but still temporary)”, “At a Mark Bragg show”, “Before ten in any bar”, “Church”, “Facebook”, “Farmers’ Market”, “In the inevitable lunch hour line-up at Auntie Crae’s”, “Memorial Dominion”, “NIFCO first film course”, “Volunteering on a big event—if you’re not a misanthropist”, and “I’m waiting for the survey results to find out.”

Best Pick Up Line

Winner: Really… aren’t we all winners when we have a good pickup line? Here are some of our favourites from the ones you filthy people submitted:

“Are you one of The Purity Girls?”

“Ask: ‘Do you know what winks and screws like a tiger?’ ‘No.’ (Wink)”

“Attempted whistling by young males (followed by ‘dyke’ when ignored).”

“Baby your daddy must be a terrorist because you da bomb.”

“By’s…We must be in Terra Nova…cause I thinks I sees a fox!”

“Don’t mind me skinny legs just wharves it up in me.”

“Hey baby, wanna go halves on a bastard?”

“Hey…somebody farted. Let’s get out of here.”

“Hey tits, you drunk?”

“Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can see myself in your pants.”

“Missus! You got a fancy ass!”

“My name’s [your name], but you can call me ‘lover.’”

“Not so much a line but a good old fashioned lick to the eyeball gets me hot!”

“Wanna come back to my sugar shack?”

“I like your books.”

“’Want another?’ I heard this delivered from a muscle car to a woman carrying one kid and pushing the other.”

“Would you like Gin and platonic or do you prefer Scotch and sofa?”


“Yer summ prrettteh.”

“Excuse me, but would you like an orally stimulated orgasm?”

Other: “If you need a line you lose.”

Best Place for a First Date

Winner: The movies

Oh, you’re so traditional, people! I guess it’s nice that some things stay the same—the movies have been great date spots since the dawn of time. No awkward conversation, dim lighting, and an opportunity to evaluate someone’s cultural aesthetic. Throw the MUN Cinema factor in there and you’re weeding out the low-brows. But even if you stick to the mainstream, you’ve got ample opportunity for such manoeuvres as “oh, was that your hand in the popcorn,” “ohmigod my knee is touching his knee and he isn’t moving it” and the good old yawn-stretch-arm-drape. And there’s something extra romantic about leaving the mall after a movie, when all the stores are closed. Feels weird and transgressive—and that’s hot. AP

Runner Up: Walking around.
Other: “Back seat Signal Hill”, “Christian’s Pub”, “Dog walk”, “Extreme moto-cross at Mile One”, “Garage saling”, “Ice skating”, “Making out by Ziggy Peelgood”, “Mighty Whites”, “Petty Harbour drive”, “Swings at Bannerman Park” “Thomas Amusements at Avalon Mall parking lot,” “tobaggoning”, and “Your house.”

Best Make Out Spot

Winner: Signal Hill

Runner Up: Middle Cove Beach
Other: “5th floor QEII Library”, “Basilica steps”, “In the rain”, “My front step”, and “The best part isn’t the spot, it’s the making out.”

Best Place to Break Up

Winner: Signal Hill

Where better to break up than the romantic spot he brought you on your first date? Daytime break up? You slam his car door, jump the rock wall, start down the steps and by the time you hit the Battery you’ve already mentally sorted and divided the CD collection. Nighttime break up? Kick him out of the car, turn on the high beams and follow him around the parking lot so everyone gets a good look at the jerk who’s been sleeping with your sister. Summertime break up? You both admit you were right, walk six hundred paces and join opposing troops in the Tattoo. Wintertime break up? You both love each other but have grown in different directions, you hold hands beneath the giant star (care of Pat Lahey), have a good cry and pledge unconditional acceptance and support. Any time, any season—Signal Hill can help you move on. JC

Runner Up: Facebook
Other: “Bannerman Park to run around and scream”, “Fort McMurray”, and “Harbourfront bubble—keep it sweet and to the point.”