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Best Beer

Winner: India Beer

Everyone I see at The Ship has an India in their hand. What makes this such a popular beer to be voted two years in a row as the best? Is it the cute Newfoundland dog? Is it the ‘man’s best friend’ slogan we’re attracted to? Is it because all the cool kids are doin’ it? Or is because it’s just really fun to say “Get ‘er India?” Is it just a damn fine beer? I’m not quite sure, but I’m drinkin’ it and enjoyin’ it. Get ‘er India. SL

Runner Up: QV Honey Brown
Other: “Free beer.”

Best Cup of Coffee

Winner: Hava Java
216 Water Street

Have I covered the HJ well enough yet? As if it weren’t already a great place to waste time, get out of the rain, read a book, or be employed, the coffee’s pretty good, too. You’re on your way there right now, aren’t you? AP

Runner Up: Coffee Matters
Other: “The best cup of coffee is hot chocolate.”

Best Place for a Quick Bite

Winner: The Sprout
364 Duckworth Street

“I’m a hard core carnivore—there is no room in a hippy-dippy restaurant for me,” I shouted at the world. I didn’t even want to try their brunch. I thought they’d sneak tofu into my pancakes. I thought the plates would look so …naked. But I was presented a glorious plate overflowing with fruits and vegetables I didn’t know existed. The Sprout has single handedly changed me into one happy omnivore. SL

Runner Up: Mustang Sally’s
Other: “The graveyard.”

Best Place for a Romantic Dinner

Winner: Gypsy Tea Room
195 Water Street

When it comes to getting yourself all gussied up to woo yourself a potential bedfellow over a bottle of wine and a fine meal, the famous Gypsy Tea Room at 195 Water Street, with their dark wood and leather interior, extensive wine list and cozy booths, tops the list. Heck, the last time I was there, the couple at the next table got engaged. SS

Runner Up: The Casbah
Other: “Anywhere except my house.”

Best Ethnic Restaurant

Winner: India Gate
286 Duckworth Street

The India Gate lunch buffet: classic. If you can avoid stuffing yourself to the point of agony with the butter chicken, go back and grab some of the rice pudding. I’ve been trying to duplicate it, but no dice. I’ll just have to keep going back for research. There are plenty of selections for vegetarians, and the paneer with spinach and the navratan curry are delicious. For non-vegetarians, there are a ton of options. The tandoori chicken is smoky, the naan bread is warm and squishy, and the ambiance is lovely. They’re even nice to children there, which isn’t always the case at grown-up restaurants. Top marks all around. AP

Runner Up: International Flavours
Other: “Afghan Restaurant,” “Asian Taste,” “Bamboo Garden,” “Basho’s,” “Sun Sushi,” “Taj Mahal,” “Taste of Thai,” “Totally Greek.”

Best Breakfast / Brunch

Winner: Bagel Café
246 Duckworth Street

If you’re trying to get into the Bagel Café on Duckworth Street late on a weekend morning, you won’t be the only one. This popular spot, cozy and dark, has a varied all-day breakfast menu with lots of selections for under $10. Omnivores and vegetarians alike will be well taken care of—try your eggs, hash browns, and toast with samosas, fish cakes, spanakopita, or even plain ol’ bacon. The servings are generous and the coffee never-ending. Get up early! EM

Runner Up: The Sprout
Other: “Blue on the Water (Banana pancakes with Screech sauce—to die for!)”

Best Pizza

Winner: Giovanni Cabot’s

When Giovanni Cabot’s closed its doors this fall, a fog of sad pizza-less-ness descended upon the town. Truly, nothing else in this town compares to the magic that Meghan O’Dea made in that small kitchen on King’s Road. St. John’s had never seen anything like the lovely Mediterranean-style pizzas at Giovanni’s. Now we just have to wait and see what else Meg has in store for us. I have all the confidence in the world that she’ll be back, and here’s hoping that means pizza (although her desserts are awesome too.) AP

Runner Up: Venice Pizzeria
Other: “With ham and egg on top.”

Best Fish & Chips

Winner: Ches’s Snacks

Classic. Greasy. Thick-battered and vinegar-welcoming. Nighttime or day. As they say in the vernacular: “I enjoys it.” AP

Runner Up: Leo’s Restaurant & Take Out
Other: Leo’s, Big R, “By da Beach,” Duke of Duckworth, “Cozy Corner, worth the drive,” and “The place in Grates Cove. The best I’ve ever had. Ever.”

Best Sandwich

Winner: Bravacado (The Sprout)
364 Duckworth Street

The recipe for everyone’s favourite sandwich is as follows: soft slices of avocado, your choice of cheese (brie or cheddar), luscious slices of tomato and cucumber, a bit of lettuce, a touch of mayo (vegan or otherwise), and—of course—sprouts. If you find all of
these lovely items in front of you, arranged between two slices of delicious homemade bread… you’ve just bought yourself a Bravocado sandwich from the Sprout, winner of best sandwich for the second year in a row. Mmm!

If you find yourself still craving a taste of holiday dinner, try our runner-up – our readers recommend the turkey sandwich from Breen’s. EM

Runner Up: Breen’s Turkey Sandwich

Best Take-Out

Winner: Ches’s Snacks

See “Best Fish & Chips” above. We enjoys it for here or to go. AP

Runner Up: Monroe Take Out
Other: Fabulous Foods, Food on the Run, “India Gate dinner for two,” and “The Sprout – in recyclable containers no less.”

Best Dessert

Winner: Moo Moo’s Ice Cream
88 Kings Road

Milk shakes. Waffle cones. Banana splits. And of course, the ice cream,soft or hard. What isn’t there to love about Moo Moo’s Market? They’ve been making tantalizing homemade frozen delights at 88 King’s Road for more than 17 years. Bring it home by the cone or the pint. I recommend, for a deliciously naughty dairy-on-dairy-free lovefest, combine the two fave desserts and top a slice of Jenny Rocket’s vegan chocolate cake with a scoop of Moo Moo’s famous turtle cheesecake ice cream. JC

Runner Up: The Sprout’s chocolate cake.
Other: “Aqua’s crème brulé,” “Bakeapple crepes at Bacalao,” “Baklava from Press & Bean,” “Homemade banana cream ice cream at Bamboo Garden,” “Gypsy Tearoom’s chocolate torte,” “Jenny Rocket muffins,” “Sticky toffee pudding at The Rooms café,” and “Michel’s Bakery cheesecake.”

Best New Restaurant

mara lang (tangled up in blue) original photo by Christine Draper

Winner: Tangled Up In Blue
5 Bates Hill

Nice bathrooms and good, fresh food? In one establishment? It can be done, and Mara Lang’s the one who’s doing it, right over there on Bates Hill. Fusion menu? Check. Beautiful ambiance? Check. Coronation Street trivia? Check, and check. AP

Runner Up: The Vault
Other: Asian Taste, Bacalao, Get Stuffed, and “Is The Sprout still new?”


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