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Best Section of The Scope – Best Thing We Missed

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Best Section Of The Scope

Winner: Savage Love

What? We give and give and give and you vote for the syndicated guy? Okay, fine, Dan Savage is one of the funniest, snarkiest, and best-informed sex columnists around. I read it too. Everyone does. They might not admit it, but they do. AP

Runner Up: Food Nerd (Andreae Prozesky)
Other: “Nooks & Crannies by Lesley Thompson”, “BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!”, “front page artwork – always lovely and interesting”, “the little cat cartoon”, “3×3 reviews just recently because Dan Murray is a saucy fucker,” and “Storefront rules!!”

Best Thing We Missed

Winner: Nothing

Nothing? Really? Did we exhaust you after the almost 100-category survey? Well then! I guess we did something right.

Runner Up: Best Animal
Other: “Best window for people watching,” “Best sleazy dive,” “Best hardcore band / country / folk / hip hop / metal etc… We need music!” “Best dancer,” “Best high school,” “Best place for high school students to go at night,” “Best house,” “Best bus,” “Best local organization,” “Best local craftsperson,” “Best local slang,” “Best lawyer,” “Best corner,” “Best church,” “Best specialty store,” “Best street,” “Best sports bar,” “Best venue for live music,” “Best comedian,” “Most fashionable person,” “Best place to study,” and “Best local berry patch.”


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