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Best Local Radio Host

Winner: Randy Snow (Hits FM)

Randy Snow is there for you in the morning. He has been there for you for 25 years. He is like coffee.He is enjoyable, energizing, and habit-forming. He is helping you face the dark, cold morning. He is playing wakeful music to help you not mistake the orange juice for the milk. He is telling you jokes to keep you awake on the drive to work. He is there for you, in the morning. EL

Runner Up: Jeff Gilhooley
Other: Angela Antle, Big Tom, Rodney Wall, and Ted Blades.

Best Local TV Personality

Winner: Krissy Holmes (Out of the Fog)

Krissy single-handedly caught the Baby Jesus stealer on Out of The Fog. The man was masked in pantyhose, but agreed to talk to her with the camera rolling. It took some convincing, but he actually revealed the dozens of baby J.C. figurines he and his buddies had stolen from nativity scenes. That’s the kind of girl she is. You’d think bigger fish would have broken this story, but no, it was Krissy, and her dedication to saving nativity scenes everywhere. SL

Runner Up: Toni-Marie Wiseman
Other: Fred Hutton, Jonathon Crowe, Lynn Burry, Sharon Snow, and “Krysta Rodufsky (as long as she doesn’t let the CBC rein her in.”

Best Radio Station

Winner: CBC Radio One

Back when I lived in Montreal, I used to listen to CBC Radio from St. John’s over the internet at work. At first it was the novelty—”awww, listen to all the funny news stories about moose in rural schoolyards!” But with time I got hooked. It’s just good radio. Radio Noon attracts intelligent, interesting callers, and the Fisheries Broadcast is some of the best listening there is. That John Furlong puts up with no foolishness! Weekend Arts Magazine keeps people setting their alarms when the work-week’s over. Sure, you’ll miss out on hearing Nickelback every fifteen minutes, but… wait… that’s not missing out, that’s sweet, sweet liberty. AP

Runner Up: Hits FM
Other: “Coast 101: More Holyrood less Hollywood,” “VOWR minus the religious b.s.”

Best Local TV News

Winner: CBC Here & Now

If you want to know what’s going on, any newscast will do, but if you want to know what it means, and what’s likely to happen next, Scope readers would say you’d best watch Here & Now. EB

Runner Up: NTV Evening News
Other: “No good news so I don’t watch it anymore”, “They’re all atrocious”, “This is getting depressing”, “Seriously?” and “What’s a TV?”

Best Local Writer

Joel thomas Hynes. Original photo by Elizabeth Pugh.

Winner: Joel Thomas Hynes

Once again, Joel Thomas Hynes rules the hearts of the reading St. John’s public. His second novel, Right Away Monday, came out this year on Harper Collins Canada, and his one-man show, Say Nothing, Saw Wood, had a great stint at the Hall last spring. What’s to say that hasn’t been said? We love grit, and Hynes gives us writing and performance that is gritty as all hell without seeming like a gimmick. AP

Runner Up: Lisa Moore
Other: Bernice Morgan, Kathleen Winter, Kevin Major, Michael Crummey, and Michael Winter

Best Local Artist

Gerald Squires. Original photo by Justin Hall.

Winner: Gerald Squires

When visual artist Gerry Squires turned 70 this November, people packed the Majestic to celebrate, and the CBC was all over it. He’s likely one of the most famous Newfoundlanders ever, and for good reason; the barrens, rocks, and tangles of tree roots of his harsh and delicate landscapes are images with which people immediately connect. Squires has collected impressive accolades, including being named a member of the Order of Canada in 1999. Chances are you’ve seen his work without even knowing it; the peacekeeper statue on Queen’s Road is one of his most recent public works, and the wall mural across from the elevators at St. Clare’s Hospital is his, too. AP

Runner Up: Craig Francis Power
Other: “Nature,” “Too hard to choose!”

Best Local Actor (Male or Female)

Winner: Andy Jones

With those old Codco sketches up on YouTube now, we can all sit home and marvel at the genius of Andy Jones any old time we want. The clips might be fifteen years old, but they’re just as funny now as they were then. And Andy Jones is every bit as brilliant today as he ever was. With his recent Uncle Val performances and audio recordings out on Rattling Books, Andy shows no signs of slowing down. Thank God. He’s an utter genius, and we need him. AP

Runner Up: Mary Walsh
Other: Aiden Flynn, Johnny Harris, Neil Butler, Philip Goodridge, and Susan Kent.

Best Local Fashion Designer

Winner: Charlotte Reid

If you want to get warm and wooly, Charlotte Reid’s your gal. Creating clever, toasty clothes and accessories from recycled wool knits, she’s been keeping people’s wrists and ankles looking stylish since she moved home from away. “I feel so lucky to be able to create and live in a scene where so many different disciplinarians collaborate and support each other,” she says. “Starting an apparel company in St. John’s is a different ball game but I never would have done it without the help and encouragement from the community here.” AP

Runner Up: Sara Hodder (Sech Designs)
Other: Barry Buckle,Heidi Wagner.

Best Theatre Company

Winner: Rabbittown Theatre Company
106 Freshwater Road

Hurray for the little theatre company that could! Chalk up one for Aiden Flynn and his gang of evildoers. EL

Runner Up: C2C
Other: “We need a private theatre that shows international and alternative film.”

Best Theatre Production of 2007

Winner: Say Nothing Saw Wood
(Written and acted by Joel Thomas Hynes. Directed by Charlie Tomlinson)

St. John’s favourite writer just happened to be the one to write and perform this year’s best show, according to Scope readers. Not bad, not bad. On the night I was at “Say Nothing, Saw Wood,” there was a question-and-answer period to follow and the place was packed with very loving fans. If you happened to miss the show, there’s a short excerpt up on the Rattling Books blog (google “Say Nothing Saw Wood Rattling). AP

Runner Up: Belly Up (Artistic Fraud)
Other: “Brain freeze,” “Saltimbanco.”

Best Art Gallery

Winner: Eastern Edge Gallery
72 Harbour Drive

Once again, the crowd at Eastern Edge proves to be the most St. Johnsiset of them all. They’re tireless, exciting, young and motivated… and, if you’ll continue to read… AP

Runner Up: The Rooms
Other: “The Sprout. I know it’s not really a gallery but it’s where I notice art the most.”

Best Local Event of 2007

Winner: 24 Hour Art Marathon (Eastern Edge Gallery)

… they throw one hell of a party. AP

Runner Up: George Street Mardi Gras
Other: “Man breaking leg in effort to reach Danny.”

Best Cheap Thrill

Winner: “Sex.” “Getting down.” “Making out on Signal Hill.” “Masturbation.” “Trying something from Our Pleasure.” “Using condoms.”

Well, it’s good to know that there are still some things that don’t cost money out there. I appreciate that making out on Signal Hill got a nod—what else are you going to do when you’re surrounded by that fantastic view? Historic sites bring out the lust in us all, no? You don’t have to live in St. John’s to be a total sex machine, but it sure helps. Further evidence that Newfoundlanders are as, um, friendly as people say we are. Yes… friendly. AP

Runner Up: Walking.
Other: “Dropping bouncy balls of Bowring Building”, “Hitting up art receptions”, “Going on the Route 3 Magical Mystery Tour”, “Non-drowsy decongestants”, “Seeing Elliot Dicks walk by my house”, “Singing in the Bannerman Park bandstand in the rain”, “Walking on George Street sober”, and “Wonder Woman #14.”

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