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Cecil Haire and Nancy Walsh of the CBC Radio One St. John’s Morning Show

CBC Radio One

640 AM

Please allow me to list some of my favourite things about CBC Radio One, in no particular order:
1. Jeff Gilhooley’s banter with John Hancock at the national sports desk,
2. Christine Davies from the archives bringing scratchy old recordings to Radio Noon,
3. Passionate fisheries workers on The Broadcast,
4. The way Francesca Swann says “Francesca Swann,” and,
5. Mack Furlong. DP

Runner up: Hits 99.1 FM
Other: CHMR, “that old people one in the church,” and “all of them make me want to kill myself.”

Randy Snow

Hits 99.1FM

Hall of FameRandy Snow of the Hits FM Morning Show provides the right amount of early morning banter to get your day started, and his ’90s at Nine’ segment can make a Monday morning seem that much less tragic. SB

Runner up: Big Tom (K-Rock)
Other: Tom Power (CBC Radio Two), Jeff Gillhooley (CBC Radio One), Angela Antle (CBC Radio One), and “Cecil Haire (CBC Radio One). “What a guy. What great traffic updates!”

NTV Evening Newshour

It’s 5:57PM. You’ve settled down for a healthy serving of supper hour news, but which station do you choose? It’s not an easy decision, but how can you not appreciate Fred Hutton’s subtle facial expressions, or Toni-Marie Wiseman and Sharon Snow’s unbeatable tag-team weather reporting? Your hand inches towards the remote and hits 0, then 6. NTV wins. SB

Runner up: CBC Here and Now
Other: “Can’t we get a good one? ‘Today in the news, a cat died on my street = LAME.”

Toni Marie Wiseman

NTV Evening Newshour

You’d be hard-pressed to find another individual bandied about more in the context of urban legend than the winner of this year’s award for Best Local TV Personality. Regardless, Toni-Marie Wiseman has been a great supporter of the arts for two decades. Her weather spots have helped everything from food drives to the smallest plays in the smallest venues. One of the kindest people in media, Toni is always there—usually with Dan, her trusted cameraman—with a smile on her face and a sympathetic ear. Not to mention the fact that she has 4,992 friends on Facebook. I mean she’s gotta be doing something right. DS

Runner up: Zach Goudie (CBC-TV Here and Now)
Other: Sharon Snow (NTV), Fred Hutton (NTV), “Ryan (Snodden) the CBC weather guy,” and Krissy Holmes (Rogers).

Joel Thomas Hynes

Hall of FameMr. Hynes is a persistent contradiction. His material is modern and vivid, straight from the dirty Sin Jawns streets and the dysfunctional outport coves, and is often uncomplimentary to both. His stirring manifesto, “God Help Thee” (recently printed in Riddle Fence and the online edition of Maisonneuve magazine) is one long stream of anger and resentment against every bit of world-famous-in-Newfoundland schtick that we’re all sick of. However, in his performances, including his audiobook, his readings, and his several solo stage plays, his delivery is as reminiscent of the traditional Newfoundland prose recitation as any piece about Yankee clippers or Placentia Gut. It might piss him off, but he’s definitely one of us, and apparently, we like him a lot. DC

Runner up: Lisa Moore
Other: Pretty much every writer in town got a vote or two. Seriously.



Relatively unknown in the mainstream art community, Mark Benson was a more obvious choice for the “Only Dude Who Can Pull Off the Bearclaws Haircut” award. You may not have heard of Sois (pronounced “Swass”) but look out for him—He’s good. The young artist, mostly known for his graffiti, is moving up the ranks in his own way. And he’s more diverse than the average spray-can enthusiast. “I basically do all types of work,” he says. “I do anywhere from mural work to t-shirt design to canvas work, and even some poster work and that kind of shit. Like, I’m pretty varied.” As for his win, he didn’t expect it either, but he calls it “the funnest thing ever.” KB

Runner up: Kym Greeley
Other: 92 different people were nominated in this category.

Jay Kimball

Jay Kimball will remember 2008 for a long time. In June he won the Visual Artists NL Emerging Artist award. In September he got his own studio/showroom (with a cool-as-hell hidden door). And now he’s been voted Best Local Craftsperson. Kimball is bashful about his achievements. “I am honored, because St. John’s has so many amazing craftspeople. I am blushing. Thanks,” he says. The potter is short on words because he’s got his hands full—and not just of awards. His partner just had a brand new baby girl named Sophie. Congrats squared. KB

Runner up: Cara Winsor Hehir
Other: Isabella St. John, Janet Peter, “Old John Evans, Puzzle Man at the St. John’s Farmers’ Market”

Michelle Bush, Eastern Edge Gallery director

24-Hour Art Marathon

Eastern Edge Gallery – 72 Harbour Drive (739-1882)

Once every summer, creative-types hijack the Eastern Edge/St. Michael’s Printshop complex from noon on Saturday to noon the following day, feverishly producing artwork to be auctioned off. The profits are split between the gallery and the artist, and it is Eastern Edge’s major fundraiser for the year. It’s kid-friendly by day and way-strange by night, and the best part, according to musician Alison Corbett, is watching the sun come up.

This year was more of a 39+ hour ultramarathon, with the Nouvelle Orleans boat as an alternative performance space, a fancy artist talk cocktail party, and a presentation by love/art activist Annie Sprinkle (as introduced by Mayor O’Keefe!) Eastern Edge director Michelle Bush tells me they have future plans to expand it into a week-long summer art festival, so they can bring artists in and “have more activities to spur enthusiasm and knowledge and appreciation of contemporary art.” EM

Runner up: Graeme Patterson at The Rooms Art Gallery
Other: A1C opening show, More than Meets the Eye (Sheilagh O’Leary), and Newtopia (Group show at The Rooms).

Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Andy Jones is pretty much the definition of a working actor. He just released his legendary film, Faustus Bidgood, on DVD, he’s been working on a local zombie film, and also been busy creating, with puppeteer Darka Erdelji, The Queen of Paradise’s Garden. You remember him from CODCO, Rare Birds, and his stage shows. You’ve spotted him as a sometime writer for The Kids in the Hall, with a cameo appearance in Brain Candy. You know him for everything he’s done for the province and for our arts community. He’s everywhere. He might even be outside your house right now—just check out your window. If you see him, be sure to offer him some tea. It’s the least you can do. AC

Runner up: Joel Thomas Hynes
Other: Aiden Flynn, Phil Churchill, Philip Goodridge, Johnny Harris, Dave Sullivan, Jamie McDonald, and “Ryan Davis as Pee Wee Herman.”

Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh will always get a big-up from the city because she’s a trailblazer. Going back to CODCO and extending into This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and beyond, she is one of the most visible Newfoundland actors and has helped paved the way to bring the likes of Rick Mercer onto TV sets nationwide. Walsh—whether proclaiming to be Canada’s “Warrior Princess” or doing an all-nude TV shoot downtown—has been a major influence on how people view Newfoundland and its people, which is perhaps her greatest achievement. AC

Runner up: Susan Kent
Other: Petrina Bromley, Amy House and Sherry White.

Rabbittown Theatre Company

One of St. John’s artistic highlights is the amount of great theatre regularly produced in the city, and the lion’s share of credit has to go to Rabbittown Theatre and Rabbittown Theatre Company honcho, Aiden Flynn. Flynn seems to live for the theatre. One day you’ll see him acting in a show at the Arts and Culture Centre, and the next, he’s back at the Rabbittown juggling to keep the administrative side ticking. Flynn’s company is currently planning a production of a piece he wrote entitled “The Death of Balder” to open in February, as well as an adaptation of Hamlet. AC

Runner up: Artistic Fraud of NL
Other: C2C Theatre, RCA, Rising Tide

Donnie Darko

Embryo Theatre

There have been a lot of great theatre shows put off this past year, but Jamie Macdonald’s adaptation of Donnie Darko burned itself in the memories of its audience because of its visual effects, film sequences and superb use of lighting. Also, it was a pretty ballsy thing to attempt. Let’s face it, the only thing that would’ve been crazier than adapting that movie in play form would’ve been making it a musical—and since there’s no exclamation point in the title of MacDonald’s version, one can only assume this was never in the cards. AC

Runner up: Dance Party of Newfoundland
Other: Fear of Flight, Nan Loves Jerry, “Mormons show up to door in blizzard conditions,” and “Lottie’s on Friday night.”

Jordan Canning

Jordan Canning

Ladies and gentlemen, I must share a confession to you, care of Jordan Canning: she’s a sponge, as her mind absorbs ideas from every direction to influence her work.

Fear her sponge-like powers!

…No, do not fear. She uses her powers for good. She is likely best known for her recent House series of short films, but also directed the Jerry YouTube video and a music video for Hey Rosetta! Jordan Canning has firmly established herself as a strong, focused storyteller and a very skilled filmmaker. AC

Runner up: Justin Simms
Other: Stephen Dunn, “my girlfriend’s crazy mom and her duck boat,” and “whoever made ‘the skinny dip.’”

Elling Lien

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or to chastise you for not reading widely enough. Seriously though, haven’t you people ever heard of Ray Guy? As a journalist and columnist for the Evening Telegram, he used to lay the serious beats on Joey Smallwood and his government back in the 60s, and along the way he’d make people crack into genuine laughter. He may be an old geezer now, but he’s still sharpening his pencils and poking them into the eyes of power with as much gusto and wit as ever. He writes a monthly column in the Northeast Avalon Times, and he should win this category by default. EL

Runner up: Stephanie Porter (The Independent)
Other: Russell Wangersky (Telegram), Ivan Morgan (Independent), Andreae Prozesky (The Scope), and Kerri Breen (Muse & The Scope).

Photos by Mark Bennett

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