BOSJ 2008: Shops & Services

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Model Citizens

Model Citizens

183 Duckworth Street (722-2777)

So, one balmy summer evening my darling hubby and I were enjoying a fantastic dinner at India Gate when some curry leapt right off my loved one’s plate and onto his clean white shirt. Distressed, but unwilling to walk back uphill to change after a large meal of Indian food, he opted instead to swing into the ultra-styley and cheerfully eclectic gem that is Model Citizens. For the price of just a couple pints of beer he walked out with a snappy vintage t-shirt on his back, and a smile on his face. Our night out was saved! Hurrah for Model Citizens! DP

Runner up: Ballistic
Other: Byron’s, Living Planet, eBay, Second Page Bookstore, and “Does such a beast exist?”

Twisted Sisters Boutik

175 Water Street (722-6004)

Question 1: Have you seen those hot sexy boots?
Question 2: Don’t you think those hot sexy boots would look good on me?
Question 3: Can I borrow $340? DP

Runner up: Johnny Ruth
Other: Winners, the Internet, “the middle of Dominion”

Halliday’s Meat Market

103 Gower Street (753-8332)

Halliday’s has stood at the corner of King’s Rd. and Gower St. since 1960, but has been a fixture of the downtown core since 1914. As one of the last family-run butcher shops in St. John’s, Halliday’s has maintained a loyal customer base by providing its patrons with everything from fresh meat and dairy products, to locally knitted hats and mitts. The fact that the butcher shop still wraps their orders in brown paper and twine is pretty damn cool. AP

Runner up: Needs Convenience (Military Road)
Other: “Forest Road Convenience-at least they make an effort to have a nice window,” “Cornwall Superette. Lots of ice cream, and lots of penny candy,” and “I no longer find any of them convenient.”

Value Village

161 Kenmount Road (726-5200)

Hall of FameDid you know that the late Darren McGavin was one of the main reasons Value Village got off the ground? Yup, the Dad from A Christmas Story managed to get costumes from film studios as sellable donations to the first Value Village. How do I know this? I once worked at Value Village. I still fondly remember the weird items donated on a daily basis like a conspiracy leaflet about Kurt Cobain’s death, or the flame retardant suit that now sits in my closet. AC

Runner up: Model Citizens
Other: Previously Loved, Sandy’s Used Clothing, Frenchy’s, Afterwords, “The long lost Waldegrave Sally Ann’s,” “The one on O’Leary Avenue… Super cheap, very unexpected”

O’Brien’s Whale & Bird Tours

Bay Bulls (753-4850)

Hall of FameNot only is O’Brien’s popular among Scope readers, but it is also popular among celebrities. The stars and starlets that have graced the bow and stern of O’Brien’s fleet of whale watching tuggers include Ken Dryden and Ziggy Stardust himself, Mr. David Bowie. I took the tour this summer for a documentary I was shooting and believe you me, nothing gets you more excited than seeing a whale leap from the water five feet from where you’re standing. At times it’s as if the captains and the big fish are dancing with one another. A lovely time, and certainly worthy of every accolade. DS

Runner up: Gatherall’s Puffin & Whale Watch
Other: Scademia, “poppy’s rubber dinghy,” “I don’t do boats”

Georgestown Bakery

60 Hayward Avenue (753-8099)

Hall of FameIf you really want to see the stuff of human nature, head on over to the Georgestown Bakery just after noon on a Saturday, when the last of the luscious Belgians, the glorious baguettes and the sweet, chewy bagels are being removed from the shelves. Normally calm, composed neighourhood folk who look like they spend their time hand-weaving organic Yoga mats and building Tantric wind chimes are standing in a tense line-up, poker-strait, with hungry, accusing eyes shooting out spiteful beams at the dude who just scored the last three croissants. It’s mayhem, I tell ya. SS

Runner up: Auntie Crae’s
Other: Manna Bakery, Michel’s Bakery, Pi, “anything from Jenny Rockett,” and “nan’s.”

Krista Power

Krista Power

Sound Salon – 301 Water Street (738-6642)

There are 100,000 – 150,000 hairs on the human head, but there’s only one Krista Power.
Having started out at Tectonics and then moving to Sound Salon Spa on Water Street, she’s been cutting and colouring for 6 years. Sound’s status as an Aveda-Concept spa, helps Power carry her values into her workplace: “Aveda is a naturally-derived product and their mission is to give back to the environment, while making people feel relaxed. There’s more of a well-being concept used here than in other product lines.” SB

Runner up: Trish Molloy at the Head Room
Other: Juan Perez (Head Room) and Tim Howard (Sound Salon).

Jim Brokenshire, manager of Fred’s Records

Fred’s Records

198 Duckworth Street (753-9191)

Hall of FameLike many a townie, the first album I was ever given came from Fred’s Records and it’d be hard to imagine Duckworth without it. Yeah, yeah, the purple paint job makes the place look a little like the McDonald’s character Grimace, but that’s part of the charm. It’s the ideal place to pick up albums by local bands and an ideal spot to pick up DVDs from their small, but interesting selection. Also, they say that every time Fred’s makes a sale, Victor Lewis records a new album. It’s win-win! AC

Runner up: HMV
Other: CD Plus, the Internet, and “Burke Brokenshire’s House of Chilly Beats.”

O’Brien’s Music Store

278 Water Street (753-8135)

Where in town could you get a tin whistle and a Fousty Toutons cassette for that homesick friend stuck on the mainland, Daniel Payne and Wolfe Tones albums for your nan, and a copy of Forty Favourite Fiddle Tunes for your brudder, all while you’re waiting to drop off your mom’s old Hohner Atlantic IV accordion for service? At O’Brien’s, that’s where. In business since 1939, they carry all manner of stringed and bottlecapped musical instruments, popular with tourists and locals alike. EM

Runner up: Long & McQuade (formerly MusicStop)
Other: Boogaloo, Music City and Rodney de Vries Violins.

Debbie Hanlon


Debbie Hanlon has never sold me a house, but she did give my daughter a pack of sparkly stickers one time just for being cute (she—my daughter—was walking with me down Water Street and sporting an inordinately large fake sunflower in her hair at the time).

Ms. Hanlon also hauled wood and picked up all manner of garbage at the Rabbittown Community Garden clean-up day this summer. And she’s a city councillor who’s trying to get the parking meters removed from St. John’s hospitals, which is respect-worthy enough. …Being able to unload houses as easily as if they were vanilla Girl Guide cookies is just one more thing to be proud of. DP

Runner up: Harry Stone
Other: John Hutton, Donald Pacholka, Billy, Shea, Tom Clift, Olga Hitchen-Underhay, and “my dad.”


70 Kenmount Road (726-0375)

In the dark, dreary days before there ever was a Chapters, if men and women wanted to pick up, say, the collected works of Emily Brontë and a trade of Watchmen, they would be forced to make two stops. Contemplate that for many a hard hour on the tree of woe, dear readers. Luckily, we live in a more enlightened age or, at the very least, an age where Starbucks’ are in bookstores. Live the dream. AC

Runner up: Afterwords
Other: Sweet Relic, Second Page, Granny Bates and “I don’t read.”

Downtown Comics

141 Duckworth Street (738-2933)

Unlike Cardboard Heroes, or that old place in Churchill Square where Big Bite is now, the popularity of Downtown Comics in the poll proved that there were enough comic book geeks in St John’s to warrant more than good ol’ Time Masters. Downtown Comics is in a decent location, and they have a pretty nice selection of indie comics to go along with the medium’s heavy-hitters. Most importantly, I bought a bright red shirt of the Tick crying “Spoooooooooon!” at Downtown, which makes it aces in my books. AC

Runner up: Time Masters
Other: Swords and Steel and Buddy Toad Comics (flea market vender).

Don Planchatt of Canary Cycles

Canary Cycles

294 Water Street (579-5972)

Hall of FameI’m sure I speak for many female cyclists when I say nothing sucks more than wheeling a malfunctioning bike into a repair shop only to be greeted with a line of smirking dudes swinging their, uh, wrenches around and calling you “honey.” So when the news broke that Canary had a female mechanic on the go, us ladies on wheels were tickled pink. Thank you, Canary Cycles, for taking a step beyond the macho world of bicycle repair. And thank you for being a relentless, driving force behind cycling—recreational and otherwise—in the city. SS

Runner up: Bill’s Cycle Shop
Other: Cychotic, Free Ride, Earle Industries and “my mom just gives them to me.”

Ian Nightengale

Jiffy Cabs (722-2222)

Is there a secret society of cab drivers? Are they prone to jealousy? Because Ian Nightengale is Mr. Popular according both our 2006 and 2008 polls. He’s been driving for Jiffy for 6 years, and tells me he’s actually a millwright by trade. Why does he think he was voted Best Cab Driver? “I guess I’m just a nice guy,” he says. “I play good tunes!” EM

Runner up: Jiffy’s Laughing Policeman Imitator
Other: “The guy that looks like Kenny Rogers,” Footy, Mugsy, “singing Irishman,” “Friendly Co-op Drivers,” “Hubert from Jiffy! He rocks my socks!,” and “The guy with the Russian accent who tells you how lucky you are to have him.”

Capitol Video

134 Military Road (722-2150)

Hall of FameAhh… the glorious chaos that is Capitol Video. Nowhere else will you find a place quite like this one. Between them, brothers Tim and Joe Conway have probably seen every movie in existence, which comes in handy when you’re on the hunt for Bruce Campbell’s finest performance, or obscure Korean horror films. AP

Runner up: Blockbuster
Other: Allan’s Video, Jumbo Video, Strictly Adult Video and “people still rent movies?”

Sarah Pellerin

Nubody’s – Atlantic Place (754-8347)

“I know how hard it is to take those first steps into the gym,” Sarah Pellerin assures you via her Nubody’s Fitness profile. “Trust me, it’s worth it. As your trainer I promise that you will get the results you desire.” Well, Ms Pellerin, that’s a hefty promise. But if you say so. Sign me up! SB/DP

Runner up: “Noreen Golfman, does she still do that?”
Other: Wii Fit, and “the really happy little blonde girl who teaches Shallow Water Fitness at the Aquarena.”

Nubody’s Fitness Centre

Atlantic Place (754-8347)

Nubody’s claims the best in the fitness category for the second year running. I wonder who’s voting: the Nubody members, or the lucky Atlantic Place passers-by? SB

Runner up: The Works
Other: “Running the Rennies River Trail and “doing yoga by Quidi Vidi Lake or in the nearby cemeteries!”

Dave Munro

Trouble Bound Studio – 130 Water Street (754-5590)

Trouble Bound Studio owner Dave Munro has noticed big changes in the province’s tattooing industry since his move to the island eight years ago. “When I came here in 2000, tattooing was very traditional. I’ve been doing custom designs since I’ve been here, and bringing to the table lots of larger work. I just brought that next step in the evolution.”

In addition to Dave’s win this year, Trouble Bound won a Scopie for Best Tattoo Studio in 2007. So how does Dave feel about getting a Scope tattoo, to commemorate? “There have been a lot of covers of The Scope I thought have been rather impressive, but most of my body is already spoken for.” SB

Runner up: Alicia Simms-Young, also of Trouble Bound
Other: “The guys with the guns on Signal Hill”

Beth Marshall (Avalon Animal Hospital)

She’s the owner of 7 cats, whose names she can recite without breaking a sweat (Otis, Fergus, Tabitha, Olive, Georgie, Molly and Percy), and a horse named Winston. And for a year and a half, Dr. Beth Marshall has been easing the woes of the city’s cats, dogs and pocket pets at the Avalon Animal Hospital. “It’s actually really rewarding because you get an opportunity to work with the animals but you also have to love people to do this job and I love both.”

“Bark bark bark, woof woof, *snort*.” Translation? “Dr. Beth Marshall is terrific!” SB

Runner up: Jens Martin
Other: “The one who cured Battle Kat,” “The bargain home vet Russian,” and “Dr. Pet Vet (yeah I made a Frightenstein reference)”

Dr. Patrick O’Shea

In a time when overworked doctors scurry, harried, from one bewildered patient to the next, it’s good to know there’s someone out there who will stop what he’s doing to help you get through a difficult moment. One of Dr. O’Shea’s patients reported, anonymously, that Dr. O’Shea came to the delivery room “just to hold my hand” during the C-section delivery of the patient’s first child. Beautiful. SB/DP

Runner up: Drs. Lynn Dwyer and Mary Watson tied.
Other: “Can’t tell you or we’ll never get in”

Michael Temelini

MUN Political Science

Political Science Professor Michael Temelini is completely blown away by this win. “How did this even happen?” he kept asking. Please. He’s a frequent source of commentary for the CBC, he’s written about Newfoundland nationalism for the Globe and Mail, and he’s pissed off all kinds people in the process. Somehow, he manages to bring all this fist-shaking fury to his lectures, electrifying the standard Intro To Yadda-Yadda course. Kids wind up glued to the radio, reading the news and looking up the Charter of Rights every morning before class just so they can keep up and get an argument in. That’s how it happens. SS

Runner up: Shane O’Dea
Other: Jennifer Lokash, Christopher Lockett, Robin Whitaker and Jamie Skidmore.

Photos by Mark Bennett

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