Best of St. Johns 2010

Photo from the Best of St. John's party by Mark Bennett

Welcome, dear readers, to the one and only 2010 Best of St John’s issue. It has been a long time coming.

Each year, in the fall sometime, we come up with a ridiculously long survey and invite you to submit your answers. And each year more and more and more and more of you answer our call. Then we sift through, count, and hand out awards. It’s all in the name of flipping the mirror back on the people, places, businesses, organizations, and things that make this region what it is. Who are we? Why does my head hurt? What is the future of the city? What is six times seven? Where are my house keys? The answers to these questions may or may not lay in the pages ahead.

Since we have to compile the answers by hand, we have to read every answer. And we can see how much fun some of you had filling out the survey. We feel your passion. We can feel your love, your hatred, and your pride—or some strange combination of all three—and with many an answer too colourful for print, nevertheless we thank you for making a repetitive job more interesting.

We made some changes this time around. Most notably we removed all of the food and drink categories in order that we can hold a seperate Best of Food survey in the coming months. But before you jump on us for temporarily depriving you of eating information, know that the spoons which once lived in the Best Dessert category are now perhaps happily playing in a folk band, since the space saved was used to expand the Music and Nightlife section. Are there more genres than flavours at Moo Moo’s? Not quite, but we’re getting there.

We also expanded the Shops and Services section. The inaugural Best Window Display was won by Johnny Ruth, who we thank for making your part of the city as purty as the women who live in it. Best Chiropractor and Best Massage Therapist squeezed their way into the list, as well as Best Place to get a Bikini Wax. We tried to convince Scoper Angus Woodman to go to Sound Salon + Spa, the winner in that category, to get brazilified and write about it for your enjoyment, but he chickened out. Boo! But maybe it was for the best.

This year six categories were retired to the Hall of Fame, where they will remain for a minimum of three years. Sorry guys, but three wins in a row is the max. You’re just too good at what you do.

Finally, we want to thank you for sharing, and excuse us while we collapse in a heap and recover from this amazing last year.

To 2011!

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Bryhanna Greenough & Elling Lien