Best of St. John’s 2009

Signal Hill photo work and light writing by Mark Bennett, layout/design by Elling Lien


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Welcome! to the fourth annual Best of St. John’s guide to readers’ picks.

In other words, “the results of that poll thing we did a few months back.”

Despite the incredible amount of work it takes to sift through all of your occasionally hilarious, filthy-minded, ridiculous, incoherent and/or serious answers, we really love doing this. The idea behind it all is really central to what we try to make The Scope all about: flipping the mirror back on the people, places, businesses, organizations, and things that make this region the best it can be.

And as always, it warms our heart to see the results. You make us proud, City of Legends.

Regular readers will find many familiar names here, certainly because a lot of individuals and businesses are unfailingly popular. Some are so popular, in fact, that we’re inducting them into the Scopie Hall of Fame and retiring—at least temporarily—those categories. Those keen-eyed among you will also spot some new categories which shifted into place behind some retired ones last year. Change is (generally) good. Some categories have been worded differently this time around, or to pare things down, some categories even disappeared completely. These changes inevitably upset somebody, so if your favourite category was affected, please accept our condolences.

We’d like to extend a million-billion thanks to our amazing community of readers who help make the St. John’s metro area such an incredible place to live, in so many ways. You may not have officially won an award yourself, but each of you certainly deserves one.

(Come celebrate with us at our awards party at The Rock House on December 17th at 8pm. It’s free!)

– Elling Lien

PS: Lots more information and features will be added to the website in the coming few days. Keep your eyes peeled for interviews from the Best of St. John’s party too!