A matter of degrees

Geoff Younghusband and the search for the Kevin Bacons of Newfoundland music. I know you’ve all sat around the kitchen arguing over whether Sandy Morris is credited on more records than Ron Hynes. Maybe you’re just wondering how many versions of “Squid Jiggin’ Ground” are floating around in the recorded history of Newfoundland. Perhaps you’re [...]

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Now my head is dunch, and I’m done!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 It’s all over, done, finished, complete… Or is it? I’ll be damned but the weather won’t let the Newfs leave! St. John’s was in blizzard conditions yesterday (the Telegram’s photo gallery is here) and Halifax was windy and snowing (for a bit on Monday at least.) Flights are being delayed and [...]

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My arse is gone dunch

Yes Yes Yes -it

Sunday February 18, 2007 I basically spent 4 hours sitting on my ass in narrow arena seating watching the East Coast Music Awards show last night. Numb is an understatement for how my ass felt at the end. That said, I thought the show looked pretty good. Unfortunately my camera died an arduous death during [...]

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I’m getting tired

In0Flight Safety on DNTO

Saturday, February 17, 2007 I‘m starting to get a bit burnt out. But my father flew into town last night and got up with my 2 year old this morning (5:45am wake up) so I could sleep in. Yay, parents rock. Then once Dad and baby Angus went down for a nap this afternoon I [...]

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Gingers ales

Chris Picco looking hot in his jacket

Friday February 16, 2007 Well, the weather was more accomodating this evening, brisk but not bitter. I was not as bruised as I anticipated from my less than graceful icecapades on Thursday night’s walk home. So it was off to Gingers Tavern at around 9:30 for the Music NL showcase.

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Let the show begin

rehearsals are underway

Thursday February 15, 2007 Halifax was covered in a thin sheen of ice this morning. Schools were closed and the piercing wind kept jackets closed tight as people shuffled across the slick sidewalks. I went and picked up media pass, enjoying a hot coffee and break from the wind in the media room at the [...]

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Almost ready to rock

After 2 days of setup for the Gala

Here’s how the Gala Awards show was looking when I left the Metro Centre on Tuesday afternoon: I forgot to grab a photo while I was there this afternoon, but it’s coming along nicely. I’ll grab another shot tomorrow in the morning when I go to get my Media pass. Tomorrow is when it all [...]

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Loaded… in

Metro Centre before load in

So yesterday at 3pm we began the load in for the ECMA Gala Awards show at the Metro Centre. We unloaded 2 tractor trailers, a 10 tonne truck, and a cube van full of gear. And that was only the lighting. No staging, audio or TV gear yet. When we arrived the arena looked like [...]

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… And so it begins

Well, in a week it will be all over. All hangover that is. So I better down a few Oland’s after work to get the tolerance up. This afternoon I head into the Metro Centre to work on the setup for the ECMA 2007 Gala Awards Show. The last time I was at the Awards [...]

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