Suit up

Mar 15 2007 • Written by Bryhanna Greenough

Bryhanna Greenough heard you were looking for a suit.

Every guy needs a suit.

I don’t mean new, expensive ones designed for climbing the corporate ladder. I’m talking about a suit to bust out when the house red starts flowing and the cheesy music starts thumping: the weddings, the family reunions, the graduations.

The kind of suit I’m talking about doesn’t necessarily say “Hello, I’m willing to conform,” but it will definitely have your back when jeans and a t-shirt just aren’t good enough to cut it.

A good suit enhances what you’ve got. In fact, a tailor’s number one goal is to make you look as much like Michelangelo’s David as possible. And they’ve got the skills to do it. They can smooth out an uneven shoulder with a little extra padding, or work the buttons to downplay a big belly. A sleight of a tailor’s hand can make you look like a million bucks. Continue Reading »

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