“Don’t Feel The Same” by Man The Animal

Mar 16 2012 • Written by Damian Lethbridge

Man The Animal are a relatively new band on the St. John’s live scene. The group formed in late 2010 and consists of Cody Westman (vocals, guitar), Evan Hennessey (bass, vocals) and Brian Downton (drums, vocals). If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to check, they will be playing tonight (March 16) at The Fat Cat.

Sonically speaking, Man The Animal play straight up alt-rock but their classic rock influences run deep. The music is high energy with Brian and Evan laying down solid, in-the-pocket grooves providing the perfect bottom end to anchor Cody’s bluesy guitar leads and soulful vocals. Citing influences ranging from The Tragically Hip to The White Stripes, Man The Animal have been accurately described as “dynamic, punchy and machine gun tight”. Today’s featured track, the video for “Don’t Feel The Same” is a good indication of the top-notch musicianship and good times you can expect tonight at The Fat Cat. Be sure to check out this high flying new band while they’re still on our runway.



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