“Angelina” by The Wooden Sky

Apr 27 2012 • Written by Damian Lethbridge

“Angelina” by The Wooden Sky
Toronto band The Wooden Sky will be in St. John’s this weekend for two shows at The Ship — tonight (Friday April 27th) and Saturday (April 28th). The group’s latest album Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun showed up at Scope HQ a few weeks ago and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. The Wooden Sky have perfected the balance between the grit of indie rock and the smooth, soulful sounds of folk-country. The haunting album opener “Child of the Valley” begins with a quietly strummed acoustic guitar and Gavin Gardiner’s rich, warm drawl. From there various elements of the band’s sound are introduced like the atmospheric washes of synth, heart-wrenching violin lines and beautiful backing vocal harmonies.

Songs like today’s track, “Angelina”, and “It Get’s Old To Be Alone” show the grittier side of the band’s sound, with some tasteful use of feedback and overdrive drenched leads. “Malibu Rum” brings a little exotic flavour with it’s gentle stick patterns, wood block and laid-back guitar, it would be the perfect soundtrack for sitting on some tropical beach drinking the beverage for which the song was named. “Take Me Out” has an old-school style, doo-wop vibe to it and showcases Gardiner’s dynamic vocal range as he steps it up to a soaring falsetto in the bridge.

The Wooden Sky’s strong suit are their ballads, and Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun is generously seasoned with them. There’s the desperately beautiful “Dancing At My Window”, the longing of “The Night Goes On and On” and the starkness of “Your Fight Will Not Be Long” which deals with facing one’s mortality, as the last line sums up, “You see every man must build a life and someday watch it leave.” (A sentiment Newfoundlanders are all too familiar with this week with the passing of beloved radio personality “Big” Tom Fitzgerald.)

If you’re looking for great music this weekend, check them out this weekend. They’ll be performing tonight (Friday, April 27th) with The Goodbyes and on Saturday (April 28th) with Pilot to Bombardier who have just released an incredible new album themselves. Show’s start at 10:30 and tickets are $10 in advance at Fred’s, O’Briens, The Ship and Nourish, or $15 at the door.


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