Decision 2009

So you like the idea of voting in the St. John’s General Election this month? Here’s a quick round-up of the candidates to get you up to speed.


A bookstore closes, an international snack truck opens… plus, free cake!

DIY Cinema

In theory, going to the movies should be an escape, allowing you to get lost in the story unfolding on the massive screen. …In theory.

Inn of Olde

Far from the booming bass of George Street is Quidi Vidi’s quirky Inn of Olde.

Up in smoke

Shawn Hayward examines how we could we fire proof the downtown core.

Off the Cape

Visual artist Will Gill makes his first foray into video at the Eastern Edge Gallery.


Wouldn’t it be cool to act out 2girls1cup with puppets?

Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs

Over the last few years, these New Jersey critic darlings have crossed the line from “introspective and hypnotic” to plain boring.