St. John’s A to Z Green Guide

Tips, resources & information for newcomers and residents on how to help save the planet from imminent destruction. A handy guide by Richard Kelly.

Become a Locavore

Because “160.9344-kilometer diet aspirer” doesn’t sound quite as good.


What ward am I in?

Lots of people in St. John’s asking this question these days, so for those visual folks among you, here are the wards as seen on the city’s mega-huge ward map. Still not sure what ward you’re in? Leave a comment and we’ll try to figure it out.

Grease lightning

Once only useful for grossing people out, fish guts may find a practical use and reduce the province’s dependency on fossil fuels.

Field Notes

Kerri Breen on local music history on a pole, a new arts festival, and literary theatre out Trinity way.

Am I still falling?

Hunter, Hunter is a big independent record being released on a big independent record label, and Amelia Curran is trying to prepare herself for what’s to come.

High school flashbacks

Is high school really like in the movies? Adam and Michael watch Twilight, Dead Poet’s Society, and Heathers to figure it out.

Kujo: Best rock and roll band…

On their very first release, Victor Lewis and the guys from Kujo commit their set list to disc, and play the music they really love to play. By David Keating.

Storefront: Buy Local, Buy Eco

Save your carbon credits by checking out the city’s markets, stores and groceries which stock goods made by local companies and that are in-step with the environmental movement.

The Seal Tank

Seaworld may have Shamu, but we have Lenny, the seal with a rubber fetish.