Divination via processed meat

You know, we have a million and one reasons to talk to Sara Tilley. …But once a year, in an improvised performance to raise money for the Eastern Edge Gallery, she puts on a moustache and reads people’s fortunes using hot dogs and deli meats. So we decided to speak to the Weiner Shaman.

24-Hour Art Marathon Q&As

Artists participating in this year’s Eastern Edge extravaganza, The 24 Hour Art Marathon, answer our questions about the pork-themed art festival.

Vampire Hotel a dream come true

Rhythm and blues artist Chris Kirby is headed home with his new album produced by legendary Canadian musician Gordie Johnson and recorded in Texas at Willie Nelson’s famous Pedernales Studio.

Whar she blows?

Whale boat captains and scientists are noticing not as many humpbacks are visiting our shores as they once did. What’s happening?

Summer vegetable risotto

For years I scoffed at risotto as having some kind of early-1990s restaurant-chic tackiness to it, but I know now I was wrong. Risotto is so deliciously silky and comforting, so easy and so versatile, it’s the perfect veggie-user-upper.

DIY: How to run for city council

“Stop wondering if you’re qualified to sit on council. If you can read this sentence then you are as qualified or more qualified than the people already elected,” says Simon Lono.

Archaological dig

“We’re finding garbage,” says Stéphane Noël, when asked to describe the type of artefacts he and fellow Archaeology students are uncovering on Signal Hill. But, of course, that’s what he’s after.

LOL culture

Michael Collins says forget the Hollywood versions of GI Joe and Transformers, he liked the new old pop culture from the Internet better.

Field Notes

Kerri Breen gets the scoop on Snoop, upcoming band reunions, and a local environmental book for kids.