New Music 2009

It feels strange making an apology right off the bat, but it has to be said. We’re sorry St. John’s, you got us. We can’t keep up with your awesome-band-spawning ability, and we feel bad we can’t cover all of the great new music that has sprung up in the city over the past year or so.

But isn’t it cool to know that what you’re looking at now is just scratching the surface?

New Music Radio 2009

Audio selections from Newfoundland bands featured in our New Music issue of 2009.


Local biz news SECH designs gets a new studio, Dusk relaxes its dress code, and The Keg owner is frustrated with construction.


Field Notes

Hurling comes to Newfoundland, fairy tales come to life, the all ages hardcore and punk scene is nearly homeless, and a new gallery appears.

Ten ways to folk out

Yes, it’s happening again. No, I’m not talking about the span worm takeover. It’s time for the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival.

How to keep food bank shelves stocked

Eg Walters says he’s never seen food bank stocks drop this low in the 17 years he’s been general manager of the Community Food Sharing Association.

Kid movie beatdown

So does Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs underestimate its audience? Does Up overestimate it?


Savage Love

Dan Savage: Helping you relieve your frustrations since 1991.