Running for change

Jennifer McCreath is a marathon runner, and she’s a she. But she hasn’t always been that way—at least on the outside.

Cover issue 85

Cover photo of Jennifer McCreath (braving the cold waters of Topsail Beach!) by Mark Bennett.


Sydney Blackmore flies through local business news.

Field Notes

Children of Eve will be opening for Kiss in Halifax + Renowned photographer Sheilagh O’Leary is giving politics a shot + Mike Flaherty makes some remote, conceptual pottery + NL Arts Council cash being spread thin.

May we Bixi?

With the St. John’s bike plan officially underway, there has never been a better time to seriously consider a city-wide bike sharing system.

The Index

Pride by numbers, from 2400 BC to today.

Fruit-topped ricotta tart

I spend my winters and springs dreaming about, nay, obsessing over local foraging. I dream of someday challenging myself to survive the year on local fruit alone. I’m sure it can be done

On the origin of banjo

Jayme Stone‘s new Juno award winning album Africa to Appalachia, a collaboration with griot (West African poet) singer and kora player Mansa Sissoko was the product of several years of travel in the heart of Mali learning the roots of the banjo, it’s music and the idiosyncrasies that never made it to America.

In on the umlaut

What is Brüno, beyond the filthy/fabulous successor to Borat? Is the movie satire or aimless shock schlock?

The steps by the courthouse

Back in the 19th century, this was called Market House Hill and was home to the rowdiest public hanging gallows in town, alongside a public market, the post office and the old Courthouse.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

The show’s received a lot of attention for depicting an unflinchingly sexist club, but there’s a lot more going on than empty shock.

Savage Love

Sex and love columnist Dan Savage prays it away.