Savage Love

“No marriage license for you!” says sex and love columnist Dan Savage.


Conrad is my student in Grade Four French Immersion. I am proud that is he doing his part in protecting the environment and he is a great example to other students. Keep on ridin’ Conrad. –Mme. Chippett

Field Notes

Michael Collins serves up a helping of guerrilla gardening, radio documentary, drumming, literary readings and arts awards.

Erroneous delivery

I know I am smart, but sometimes my brain just won’t let me remember the information.

Past due for a haircut

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that is… your own self.”

Black Molly – “Molly Maid”

“I wrote it in a hotel in Winnipeg. That’s probably the only place a song like that could get written…” – Alison Corbett