Cover issue 83

This cover, featuring the Trailer Park Boys’ Bubbles (and kitten) was lovingly cobbled together by Elling Lien.

Kitties are so nice

You probably also know that Bubbles—a character on the popular mockumentary television series Trailer Park Boys—loves cats more than anything. With him and the boys coming to town for the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Festival, we decided to call Bubbles and pick his brain about his cats.

Tails of the unexpected

We asked our readers to submit short stories about an animal in their lives for this issue, with the top prize being a studio pet portrait. Here is the winning entry, two of the runners-up, and more of the submitted stories.

Least adoptable, just as adorable

Life doesn’t always deal you a fair hand, so we contacted four of the local adoption and shelter organizations and asked them about their “least adoptable” pets up for adoption, in the hope that maybe you’re the friend they’re looking for.

To kill or not to kill

St. John’s metro does not have a no-kill shelter, but one woman is determined to change that, and she’s reopening the controversial debate on animal euthanasia. Shawn Hayward looks at the issue from both sides.

DIY Fish Pond

I recently discovered I hate fish. Fish in aquariums are so depressing. But it’s taken a long time to get to this point.

Feed the kitty

I have a confession to make: I love killer cat movies. If you make a movie about domesticated kitties tearing out the throats of innocents, I’m going to watch it. I’ve seen Strays, The Uncanny and Night of a Thousand Cats, but nothing could prepare me for The Corpse Grinders.


Sydney Blackmore serves you up some raw local business news from G2 Shoes, Country Pet Food, Lester’s Farm, and Che Bella.

The Index

From pet sounds to the Beach Boys to Brian Wilson to mental health to pet therapy. Shazam!

Map to Temenos go to outer space and back

Map to Temenos Switchblade EP (Anteduvia) Map to Temenos’ debut album O! Sweet Guillotine is an album of hard contrasts. It starts with the jagged one and a half minute outburst of violent offbeat riffage and bratty yelping on “Woodpeckers and Termites Were the Outlaws…

Wild at heart

“Dharma bum” Mark Bittner, who has “no money, but all the time in the world,” has befriended one of San Francisco’s two flocks of wild parrots. He feeds them, observes them, names them, narrates their lives, and attributes emotions and motivations to their actions.

Things come together

They’re better, tighter, slightly more business-savvy and eager to get out on the road, says lead singer Mick Davis about his band The Novaks. Four years after their first, self-titled CD, Davis—along with bass player Mark Neary and drummer Elliot Dicks—are ready to put a push on for their second album, on store shelves as of May 26th.

The Giant Squid

If you want to keep a giant squid as a pet, you need a very large tank. You might be better off visiting The Rooms, where a female giant squid, or Architeuthis, is preserved in an 800-gallon tank.