Trikes and bikes

In less than one week, a St. John’s plan which has been three years in the making will be officially presented to council and subjected to a vote. St. John’s is the last major city in Canada to have a bike plan—an official document that helps the city make decisions about how they can get more citizens on bikes—and people have been itching for the city to put the plan in motion.

But bike plan or no bike plan, more and more people are pedaling towards a cycling-friendly city. Here are a handful of locals doing awesome things on their bikes.

Carts his kids around in a bike trailer

One of the most common concerns we hear about cycling in St. John’s is that it’s too dangerous. Zedel proves that with a little planning, some common sense, and a couple helmets, commuting by bike in St. John’s is very possible.

Unicycling across canada

If you’ve ever seen a person unicycling in St. John’s, it was likely Dave Cox. After three years of unicycling to work, now he’s kicked things into high gear. He is en route from Victoria, BC to St. John’s. On his unicycle.

Cycling across Europe painting cows

Part adventure, part fundraising effort for local artist-run gallery Eastern Edge, Hillock is headed to Italy with a bike and a trailer with an easel strapped on. She plans to ride her bike 2700km across the continent.

Turndown BMX

Rob Yetman opens a new BMX shop — with indoor ramps.

Old Petty Harbour Road

The abandoned road between Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove and St. John’s is still great for hiking and mountain biking.

Cycling index

A few local resources for the cyclist and the wannabe cyclist.

Man at Work

After 8 years of rock and roll, King Nancy may be slowing down, but their front-man shows no sign of it. David Keating speaks with Jerry Stamp.

1979: A Space Odyssey

Not every childhood is perfect and neither is the Star Trek franchise, which Star Trek: The Motion Picture makes all too evident.

Waste not

Raw sewage will no longer be dumped into St. John’s Harbour as of this year, but the new wastewater treatment facility will have to be upgraded sooner than later to keep up with environmental regulations, Kerri Breen explains.

Field Notes

Lord galvanized Moses! Kerri Breen lets you know what’s on the go.

X Marks the Spot

X-Men Origins suffers from schizophrenia of purpose. It’s trying to be a film about brothers, but also tries to be a film about prejudice, love, the military-industrial complex… did I leave anything out?

The Elegant Yard Sale

The Elegant Yard Sale is a housewares store at 364 Water Street headed by Ms. Lois Thomas, an interior decorator and an established antique dealer.