“I was fascinated with what I saw and to this day, I have been profoundly influenced by the Montessori experience,” she says.

After 20 years in the province’s K-12 system, Norine now has her Montessori certification and will open the island’s first Montessori teaching centre in September 2009 with her husband Steve, also a seasoned educator.

Savage Love

I’m a 32-year-old, very attractive, very fit SWM living in NYC. I’m well-read and well-spoken. I march to the beat of my own drum. Friends tell me that my personality is intense. It must be true—everyone concurs. I’m extremely idealistic, and I count myself as a romantic. I’m interested in an intense and consuming love affair with a woman. But friends tell me that my approach to courtship and my energy scare women off.

Free Comic Book Day

Local comic shops like Timemasters and Downtown Comics are stacking their piles in anticipation of Free Comic Book Day on May 2.

Adam Ryan – “Black and White”

Basically this is just a feel good fun song. I was messing around with the acoustic guitar one day and was trying to use it in a more rhythmic feel. I tried plucking the strings then tapping them. That gave me the main progression for…