Sticks & stones

For some the word still cuts right to the bone. For others, it slides off the back. For even more, it has been chewed up and swallowed; used to help define who they are.

No one knows for sure where the word “Newfie” first came from, but it wasn’t truly until after April 1, 1949 that it started seriously taking root in our minds and the minds of other Canadians.

What does it mean now?

Cover issue 79

Cover photo by Elling Lien of the former CBC Radio building. The “stupid newfies” graffiti phenomenon first appeared two years ago. FEATURES: “Newfie”: Responses by e-mail from Bob Hallett, Kevin Blackmore, Brad Gushue, Ray Guy, Ryan Cleary, and more. “Newfie”: Panel discussion with Ruth Lawrence,…

“Newfie” panel discussion

What do you think when you hear the word “Newfie?”: Ruth Lawrence, Tom Power, Bruce Johnson, Dan Banoub, and Neil Butler.

Smart growth

Sarah Smellie talks with Maine lawyer and urban growth activist John Kaminski about Urban Sprawl vs. Smart Growth, a public forum for the Northeast Avalon.

Field Notes

A new edition of Riddle Fence, a new Metro Theatre Alliance, but new but no new NLAC funding.


Wallace James Ryan —a business veteran of Moo Moo’s Dairy Bar fame—has, at 78, made the decision to retire. “I’m in the business now longer than Confederation,” he says. “It’s been 65 years altogether now.”

The Index

Happy Earth Day to Mount Pearl mayor Randy Simms!

Hello, Motto-la

Adventureland (In Theatres) All things considered, the most telling moment in any director’s career is the follow-up to their first major success. For some, this is the opportunity to capitalize on the momentum of a renowned film to branch out into something a little quirkier…

Whistle to the east

After two years on the road, Shanneyganock paused long enough to record their seventh and newly-released studio album, Volume VII. David Keating got in touch with vocalist and guitarist Chris Andrews to ask about the record and their upcoming tour.

Salted caramels

Honestly, the way people are going on about sea salt, you would think it was the new penicillin. I mean, it’s salt. You need a bit of it to stay alive, and you need a lot of it if you’re making popcorn, but it’s still just salt.

Madonna: An Evening of Worship

20 years of worship: It was way back in 1989 that a bar called Private Eyes threw the city’s first Easter weekend Madonna extravaganza.

3 Barnes Road

After the Great Fire, miraculously, some downtown areas were left untouched, including the house at 3 Barnes Road—where the flames stopped mere feet from the doorstep.

Time warp again

Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes) (DVD): Despite its silly premise, the film doesn’t descend into farce, largely because the time-travel trope is played through simply and logically.

DIY: Cookie tin banjo

I may not be able to afford all the instruments I want, but I sure can try and make them—and so can you.