Against the odds

Video lottery terminal addiction is a serious issue in Canada, but despite making efforts to reduce harm caused by these machines, are cash-strapped governments feeling pressure to turn a blind eye to the negative effects?


The Index

Number of jobs lost across Canada since October: 213,000 | Minimum number of full-time employees in the Canadian media who lost their jobs in October, November and December 2008: 1,200 | …

All clear?

Whatever the case, after much public outcry last year, the city was out to make the sidewalks safer for winter walkers this year. With a $175,000 boost to the snow clearing budget, they expanded their plowing routes in an effort to keep snow off the sidewalks, and, hopefully, pedestrians off the roads. The verdict on whether or not it worked depends on who you talk to.


Brad Jefford is an unhappy tenant. After receiving a botched faucet job by Island Property Management (IPM), and waiting over eight months for standard plumbing and door repairs to his rental home, Brad created the ‘Island Property Management’ Facebook group. The group is a space where folks can meet and post feedback, says Brad.

Nothing sacred

In keeping with the on-stage antics, larger-than-life personas and general air of theatricality, an upcoming date on the calendar was an opportunity the band couldn’t pass up.

“We’re The Satans. We have to play Friday the 13th. It’s a requirement with the name, I think.”

Twilight switch

Some words inspire fear into the hearts of filmgoers. Amongst them are “vampire” and “romance.” And can you blame them?

Field Notes

Peg Bearskin is the ugly sister who came to be after her mother disobeyed a stranger’s advice and ate one too many berries.
According to Newfoundland textile artist Gillian Strong, it’s one of the few local folktales with a female protagonist—and that’s part of what interested her about Peg.

Three times the Jonas

Having been mistaken earlier this week for estranged fourth Jonas Brother (Frank the Tank) it seemed downright serendipitous that I should find myself in line at the Jonas Brothers’ 3D movie.

Eating well in these hard economic times

Buying vegetables from the freezer section may not be considered eating with the season, but “sometimes a girl just needs a pile of green beans, you know?”

Solomon’s Lane

The artists, musicians, and writers you see in the wee hours are merely carrying the area’s tradition of making and breaking the rules—a tradition which began back in the 1900s, when the Times newspaper took over the building that once stood in the empty parking lot below The Ship.


“Hanging around the harbourside, waiting to film some footage for Global National of the Leonard J. Cowley arriving with the rescued Spanish fishermen. Guys working the nearby boats kept asking me about my camera… Strangers seem to love to talk about cameras, even if they…


Comics Contest 2009

Yes indeedy, it’s time for our annual comics contest, which means this year might just be your chance at (regional) fame and (minuscule) fortune! Think you can do it? Think you have what it takes to transcribe your weird and/or funny and/or political brain to…