“My roommate had a dream that I was refashioning clothing at Model Citizens—and I thought it was a great idea,” she says. So she called up co-owner of the vintage clothing store, Chelsey MacNeil. When Warren brought in a faux-fur hood piece to the shop one day, MacNeil loved it.

Savage Love

My boyfriend of 16 months and I have a great relationship. He loves my blowjobs, but he will not kiss me if I have his come in my mouth. It grosses him out. We have talked about this, and he won’t even try. I have no problem if he kisses me after going down on me. I just want him to try. Is there something wrong with asking him to taste himself? I do it all the time and love it. — Missing Kisses.

Free Will Astrology

’ve been asked by the leaders of the Piscean Support Group to pat you on the back — and add a tender, friendly kick in the butt while I’m at it — in celebration of your recent promise to leave your safety zone. They’re a bit worried that you’ll be so enamored of the new reserve of courage you’ve discovered lurking in your depths that you won’t muster the incentive to actually use that courage to its hilt. Please prove them wrong. Show us all what it’s like for a sensitive soul with a lyrical heart to seek raw adventure in virgin territory.