Thursday night

A 200 lbs. icicle fell off a roof and nearly crushed me. …No. But the Mightypop No-Case got cancelled. From the site: “OUR NO CASES HAVE HAD TO BE CANCELLED! Due to last minute venue problems we have been forced to cancel our No Cases…

Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon: Arrived last night after a day-long ride on the bus. The cab driver tells me every hotel room and B&B from Port aux Basques to Deer Lake is booked. Stay at a friend’s place and chat with some of the locals. Word is,…

Step right up

Hey hey hey! Heeee-wack! Greetings! Salutations! How you been? How’s your mother? How’s her hip? Comin’ along alright? Good enough, good enough. Now, pack her in the car and get out to Corner Brook, quick-smart, cos there’s a big weekend brewing. Yes, I’m referring to…

Thursday: Sunny As…

Oh man, Corner Brook is having the BEST weather so far. It’s lovely today, and as I walked into town to meet up with my fellow blogger David Keating, I had to actually take my hat off. Outdoors. Seriously. A rough schedule for the next…

My plan

My ECMA plan: Ease into things on Thursday night at the ‘No-Case Lite’, hosted by Jon Janes. Should be a mellow, acoustic kind of evening. Chris Picco is scheduled to close at 10:30. Friday: Walk up that big, bloody hill to catch the ‘The Idlers’…

ECMA By Number

Okay, I know it’s not a numbers game, really, but for those of you who like to keep score, and for everyone who wants to cheer for the home team, here’s the list of acts hailing from NewfoundlandLabrador (Hi Danny!) who are nominated for a…

The birth of local rock and roll

Two of the most popular bands to appear in the early 1960s seem to have appeared simultaneously on opposite coasts of the island: The Ravens on the east, in St. John’s, and The Ducats on the west, in Port-Aux-Basques… What was happening to make this happen?

Going out out

Sick of a one-bar gay scene, a local group of merry marauders are waging Guerilla Queerfare by taking over a straight bar for the night and creating their own queer-friendly spaces. Sarah Smellie checks it out.

These are the days

After two years together, The Monday Nights are finally releasing their debut album. David Keating speaks with Kalem Mahoney, leader of the group out to defend the reputation of the first day of the week.

Moroccan-spiced Moose Stew

There are some wonderful things that happen when your education in cooking coincides with a period of strict vegetarianism. You learn to be inventive, to dream up substitutions for the ingredients you’ve chosen to exclude from your diet.

No future for you

Revivals are pointless at the best of times, as they risk exposing the limited shelf-life of any given show’s premise, thus alienating the very fanbase they were trying to cater to.


Winterholme, Newfoundland’s largest and most elegant mansion, was built by a peculiar gentleman named Sir Marmaduke Winter. His purpose? Well, to build the largest and most elegant mansion in Newfoundland, of course.

DIY CD cases

For the unsigned, empty-pocketed band with a finished album, the Compact Disc remains king of the cheap release. With access to a CD burner, a printer, scissors, and a few dollars to purchase CD-Rs and their accompanying jewel cases, you’ve got the means to release an album all by yourself.

Field Notes

Memoirs, video games, and sex workers? Kerri Breen has it covered.

What’s up?

With more than a few nods to Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds and Bring it On, (though not quite in the same league as any of those) Fired Up! is a relatively smart, goofy comedy that respects itself when it really shouldn’t.