Cover Issue 73

Cover photo by Mark Bennett. (And thanks to Aiden Flynn for lending us the velvet curtain!)

BOSJ 2008: City Life

Best St. John’s Citizen (Female) ◆ Best St. John’s Citizen (Male) ◆ Best Local Politician ◆ Best Reason to Move to St. John’s ◆ Best Local Activist ◆ Most Important Local Issue ◆ Best Effort to Improve the City ◆ Best Neighbourhood ◆ Scariest Intersection ◆ Best Animal ◆ Best Local Blog ◆ Best Local Organization ◆ Best Local Slang ◆ Best View ◆ Best Lane ◆ Best Day Trip ◆ Best Place to Go When It’s Raining ◆ Best New Local Trend ◆ Worst New Local Trend ◆ Best Place to Meet a New Lover ◆ Best Pick Up Line ◆ Best Make Out Spot ◆ Most Psychedelic Spot ◆ Best Drag Queen ◆ Most Fashionable Local ◆ Best Cheap Thrill ◆ Best Bathroom ◆ Best Local Event of ’08

BOSJ 2008: Shops & Services

Best Clothing Store (Men) ◆ Best Clothing Store (Women) ◆ Best Convenience Store ◆ Best Second Hand Store ◆ Best Boat Tour ◆ Best Baked Goods ◆ Best Hair Stylist ◆ Best CD Store ◆ Best Musical Instrument Store ◆ Best Real Estate Agent ◆ Best Book Store (New or Used) ◆ Best Place to Buy Comics ◆ Best Bike Shop ◆ Best Cab Driver ◆ Best Video Store ◆ Best Exercise Instructor ◆ Best Place to Work Out ◆ Best Tattoo Artist ◆ Best Veterinarian ◆ Best Doctor ◆ Best Prof

BOSJ 2008: Arts, Entertainment & Media

Best Local Radio Station ◆ Best Local Radio Host ◆ Best Local TV News ◆ Best Local TV Personality ◆ Best Local Poet / Writer ◆ Best Local Visual Artist ◆ Best Local Craftsperson ◆ Best Gallery Exhibit of ’08 ◆ Best Local Actor (Male) ◆ Best Local Actor (Female) ◆ Best Theatre Company ◆ Best Theatre Production of ’08 ◆ Best Local Filmmaker ◆ Best Newspaper Writer

BOSJ 2008: Food & Drink

Best Restaurant ◆ Best Local Employer ◆ Best Sandwich ◆ Best New Restaurant ◆ Best Pizza ◆ Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying ◆ Best Restaurant for a Quick Bite ◆ Best Restaurant for a First Date ◆ Best International Restaurant ◆ Best Breakfast ◆ Best Fish & Chips ◆ Best Place to Feed Your Sweet Tooth ◆ Best Vegetarian Option at a Non-Vegetarian Restaurant ◆ Best Cup of Coffee ◆ Best Place for People Watching ◆ Best Beer

BOSJ 2008: Music & Nightlife

Best Musician ◆ Best Band ◆ Best Band to Dance to ◆ Best Loud Band ◆ Best Musician to Enjoy Quietly ◆ Best Local Rock Star ◆ Best Local Diva ◆ Best New Band ◆ Best Local Fan ◆ Best Live Show of ’08 ◆ Best Band With the Worst Name ◆ Best Music Photographer ◆ Best Jam Space ◆ Best Rapper ◆ Best DJ ◆ Best Open Mic ◆ Best Karaoke ◆ Best Live Venue ◆ Best Place for Cheap Drinks ◆ Best Bartender ◆ Best Place to Play Pool

Overlooked 2008

Whether you’re talking about the Cameron Inquiry, Danny William’s ABC Campaign, the province’s Have status, or the rise and fall of gas prices, 2008 was a good year as far as juicy stories and scandals were concerned. But what else happened? Here are five stories from the year that appeared faintly—or not at all—beneath the shadows of the big headline news.

Winter salad ideas

When the festivities have wound down and the last of the truffles has been eaten, when the cherry cake has all but vanished and you realize that the only non-alcoholic beverage you’ve consumed all week has been gravy, it’s time to take a step back, drink four glasses of water or so, and have a nice, wholesome salad.

The year in DIY

This year the DIY section featured a wide cast of guest columnists. The mission was simple: Teach us one thing you know how to do well. The topics weren’t always practical, but certainly amusing. Holes were dug, fires were lit, drag queen makeup was applied, and stairs were built.

Bryhanna Greenough looks back at the year of D.I.Y.

Field Notes

After the fireworks, the champagne, and the awkward midnight kisses comes the other new year’s tradition—realizing you kind of suck and resolving to change. It’s also a logical time to make plans for the future. Here’s what a convenient sample of musicians will be getting up to in ‘09.

Marie Wadden

Marie Wadden has a masters’ degree in Journalism and has been working as a broadcast journalist since 1977, first in TV and then in radio. She won the 2005 Atkinson fellowship in Public Policy and wrote about addiction in aboriginal communities across Canada in a series of articles for the Toronto Star. This research also generated a book—her second about aboriginal issues—that was recently released in paperback.

The Time Cave

While the tower itself serves as a memorial to the province’s soldiers, there’s a different battle being fought underneath MUN’s clocktower—mostly between wizards.

The dingy annex underneath the tower—nicknamed the Time Cave—is a hangout for students, some of whom play Magic: The Gathering.


You know when you go to a restaurant and you’ve ordered a burger so big you need to survey it and choose a good point of entry before you hunker down and take that first bite?

That’s totally how I feel about this Best Of edition of Storefront.

So much has happened in the city’s small business world over the past year that it’s hard to know where to sink my teeth in. But here goes…

The year of meh

Some movies are good, some movies are bad, and some movies are neither good nor bad. While not without its highlights, 2008 wasn’t exactly an outstanding year for movies. It was our year of “meh.” Here are our picks for the most mediocre movies of 2008.