Trickle-down partynomics

We don’t quite know what the headline means, but we like it anyway. It’s best not to think about these things, especially at this time of year. I mean, how many cool shows are happening in the next two weeks? How can you worry about the economy or the meaning of a headline when there’s a party every other day with your name on it? Anyway. Here is your extremely reliable holiday music party planner advice guide thing, as stereotyped by the cast of Cat’.

Foody gifts

In a season of commercial frenzy and grown-ups having meltdowns in traffic from Stavanger to Kelsey, my kitchen is an oasis of floury calm. And yours, my friend, can be one too.

The Walkable City

While the population of St. John’s grew 4.7 per cent between 2001 and 2006, population density per kilometre increased by just under one per cent. The city is getting geographically larger as more people are moving in, and author Mary Soderstrom thinks that’s a losing situation—and not just for those on foot.


Cory Richardson is a craftsperson and activist trying to bring a good night’s sleep to people around the world who rarely get one. Stitch Uganda Together is a grassroots initiative started by Cory, who makes and sells hammocks in support of the people of Uganda.

Tommy Gushue

At only 22 years of age, Tommy Gushue has won scriptwriting contests, sold a pilot to the CBC, nabbed an agent, and formed his own local production company, Black Market Films. Black Market’s first project was to shoot a zombie film, Date with the Dead, co-starring Andy Jones. Dead is set to be completed by February 2009.

Field Notes

Dying to collaborate with your heroes? Why not just call them up and ask—that’s how trumpet player Pat Boyle managed to snag jazz superstars Mike Murley and Mike Downes for his latest album, Still No Word.

The Happy Tree

“As a matter of fact they get a little more scared with Santa than they do with me,” The Avalon Mall’s Happy Tree said in a recent interview with The Scope. “I get along really good with all the kids.”


“Usually the clothing I wear is pretty random. This is a sweater that was found at CBTG’s. This dress I bought at Ballistic, 70% off… The tights are from a Japanese airport… oh, and this scarf is from Thailand. It’s my favorite. It was so cold out today, I just wanted to put on a cardigan and feel cozy.”

DIY: Skype-ology

Christmas is that time of year when you make those big attempts to spend time with family, friends or that special someone. Unfortunately, sometimes the most awesome of people live in most of ridiculous of places. Like Sweden, or Baltimore, or Grand Falls. These people miss out on the unwrapping of gifts, the “special” spiked eggnog and the inevitable tipping over of the Christmas tree.

A Year Without The Year Without Santa Claus

Ahhh, Christmas: a time of films and animated TV specials. We all have our favourites, but the networks air the same ones every year. While I’d never suggest retiring A Christmas Story, it would be nice to have a little variety put in the rotation. So, I’ve compiled a few less common Christmas films and TV specials that are well worth seeking out.

Savage Love

“There’s no chance in hell I’m getting back with him after he cheated, but I can’t resist this urge to have sex with him. And I know the feeling is mutual. So now I’m torn on whether to start a sex-based “relationship” with him or just block him from my life.”

Free Will Astrology

Let’s say that on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus hopes to deliver toys to every child who believes in him. Thanks to the fact that his distribution area stretches over many time zones, he’ll have at least 24 hours to accomplish this feat. Still, that means he’s got to visit approximately a thousand homes per second.

Muppet Family Christmas

In this holiday classic, Kermit and the gang travel to Fozzie’s mother’s Farmhouse for Christmas, surprising Mrs. Bear and interrupting her Malibu travel plans in the process.