Quantum theory

I’m fascinated by trends in action films. Like a lot of genre cinema, each action flick is a reaction to previous successes, with the filmmakers opting to either imitate or top the previous blockbuster, or to deliberately step away from what’s currently in vogue.

At present, action films seem to be stuck between the back-to-basics approach of the Bourne series and the slow-motion excesses of 300 and The Matrix.

Savage Love

My girlfriend and I have been on-and-off for almost two years. I took her back after she cheated on me. The only thing now is that she wants to have a threesome. I am really not down with sharing her, but I am willing to do it because otherwise some other girl will do it for her… what am I supposed to do?

Free Will Astrology

I got an invitation through MySpace to audition for an upcoming production of the “Vagina Monologues.” While I was honored to be asked, I wasn’t sure that the kind of audience members who would come to see the “Vagina Monologues” would want to hear me, a man, expound on the central topic. Upon reading the fine print, however, I found out that the producers were indeed seeking some male actors.