Atlantis Music Prize Shortlist

Like the Polaris Music Awards for Canada, the Atlantis Music Prize is a juried award judged on artistic merit, without regard to sales or genre.

An independent panel of more than 30 journalists, musicians, and people recognized for their appreciation of local music recently submitted their top picks to us for the best album released between November 2007 and November 2008 in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Here are the top ten.

A workin’ chap

Sarah Smellie speaks to Scottish-Canadian folk singer Enoch Kent. “Only my grand-daughter knows I’m famous,” laughs Enoch Kent. “She’s seen me on a stage once, but to a child her age, I’m now up there with Elvis Presley!”


Jerry Yang (19) “I had to dress up for a professional section of my class… I like this look because it’s different from what most guys wore for today, and it made me stand out. I get tired of the one professional style all the…


Photo by Rodney DeVries Sydney Blackmore attacks with great violins. Music Craft With the Canadian Folk Music Awards rolling into town this year for the first time ever, the city will soon be ringing with the sounds of fiddle, guitar, and voice. The Craft Council’s…

Re-thinking the MMSB

With millions of dollars from recycled bottles and tires in its bank account, some people are beginning to wonder why the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board isn’t coming to the rescue of local recycling programs either unable to start or dying because of a lack of cash.

Sarah Smellie lifts the lid.



Illustration by Tara Fleming ( Click here to skip to the cover story.

Wildly Wholesome Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Andreae Prozesky takes the pumpkin back. As we near the end of November, all but the last traces of smashed jack o’lanterns have been rained off the city’s sidewalks and front stoops. The last survivors may indeed be the ones slowly decomposing outside my front…

TD Place

Corner of Prescott and Water High-rises sprawl across many big cities in all directions, symbolising modernity and housing and business and “progress” of a kind. Our little big city of St. John’s received one of its first downtown high-rises in the form of the TD…

Charlie Thomlinson

  Bio: Charlie Tomlinson has been involved in theatre for nearly as long as he can remember. Born in London, England, Tomlinson moved to Newfoundland in 1972 and would go on to study history and philosophy on MUN. Later, he would serve as artistic animateur…

Off the Charts

  The Song Poem Story (2003) Directed by Jamie Meltzer Do you remember the film American Movie, which followed Mark Borschardt and his spacey pal Mike Schank as they attempted to make a horror movie in Wisconsin? Off The Charts: The Song-Poem Story is the…

Purse dogs unite!

Yes, Colin Browne went to see that talking dog movie, and here is his play-by-play account. Long before uttering the phrase, “One for Beverly Hills Chihuahua please”, I had some reservations as to whether this was a good decision. The sparse attendance suggested either a…

Field Notes

This time, Kerri Breen brings lots of music news. Swords surrender The self-proclaimed loudest band in town, Swords, is going on “indefinite hiatus.” “We don’t want to say that we’re really breaking up,” says singer-bass player Adam Goodwin, who is moving back to Ontario. “Just…

Dumphy review: “Go Back Home”

“Go Back Home” by The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir. – Donnie Dumphy Watch the Motion Show online at

All the bar’s a stage

What do you do when you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go? In the case of Ahrm’s Way Theatre, you hit the pubs.

Dave Sullivan catches their production of Hardball.