Sex columnist Dan Savage on coping with the L-bomb. My wife of 5 years, mate of 11 years, and mother of our two kids has dropped a bomb on me: She thinks she’s a lesbian.

Shooter (2007)

Movie Review: Shooter (2007) [rating:2] An everybody-against-the- highly-trained-US-marine-and- oh-my-god-they’ve- taken-his-girlfriend- hostage movie. Alchemist Mark Wahlberg manages to use testosterone and an Eastern New England accent to turn lead into gold. Or at least two stars worth of gold. – E. Lien

TMNT (2007)

Movie Review: TMNT (2007) [rating:1] Once a truly great underground comic book whose central idea poked fun at mainstream comics and film, with the release of this movie the turtles have been fully, completely, absolutely absorbed. This movie didn’t piss me off as much as…