X-mas with the Skull Force

The political, post-apocalyptic punk rock band Skull Face and Others are finally releasing two 7” records on December 22, after two years in the works. Elling Lien spoke with vocalist Rodney “THE IRON HMSTR” Wall and bassist Ben “Lord Scrawny“ Jackson about the recording, the…

Trickle-down partynomics 2006

Your extremely reliable holiday music party planner advice guide thing, as stereotyped by the cast of Cat’. Compiled by Jonathan Adams and Bryhanna Greenough. Those carefree days of chasing butterflies in the garden have all but passed. Suddenly it’s December and no amount of nip…

‘Tis the season

Jud Haynes of the light/heavy East Coast supergroup Wintersleep is bringing the band to his hometown and celebrating the holiday with two shows at Club One. Elling Lien caught up with him by phone.

Swap meat

Dan Savage swaps some advice. This week’s Savage Love can be found online here. A new Savage Love podcast is available for download every Tuesday at www.thestranger.com/savage. mail@savagelove.net

Festoon yourself

Diana Daly is back, with bling! BEAD THEREIf you haven’t been down that end of Duckworth Street recently, you’ll notice the owners of Hempware have expanded their empire and opened a totally rad new shop called The Bead Addict.    Located right next door to Hempware…

The harbour salt pile

As long as I can remember, a black-tarpaulined dune of salt has sat on the east end of the harbourfront secured with tires and rope. Before the post-9-11 tightening of port security, the giant heap was possibly more climbed-up than the onlooking South Side Hills….


(Photo by Rachel Jean Harding. Click to enlarge.)

Holiday to-do list

Elling Lien already has his two front teeth, so he’s doin’ all right. OH COME ALL YE FAITHFULAs the cold, dark, windy season approaches, so does the urge to give and receive.    Conceived by two Californian activists, The Global Orgasm for Peace is planned to…

Hangover remedies

Hanging over with Andreae Prozesky. Well, that’s it. You’ve done it.     Perhaps you were just sticking your head into the Ship to see who was there. One quick drink with an old high school friend turned into a few more drinks with a few…

Music Thursday

Acoustic Insiders, 10pm, no cover, Martini Bar Blair Harvey & The Dregs: cd release (country/blues), Mark Bragg Band (indie/rock), The Nordic Beat (pop), Junctions. Brothers In Stereo acoustic w/ Andrew and Chris LeDrew (soft pop rock) $5, Fat Cat Chad Murphy Trio, Ben Trovato, $5, …