Nordic invasion

Elling Lien heads for the hills in anticipation of Swedish band The Regulations’ attack this Sunday.


Andreae Prozesky pomegranates!   Isn’t it something how the right marketing strategy can make a novelty of anything, even one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits? You may have noticed how, in the last few years, pomegranates have gone from one of the weird mystery fruits,…

The Dardanelles

Not many street names in St. John’s begin with “The”. There’s The Parkway and The Boulevard, which both sound perfectly car-worthy…    And then there’s The Dardanelles. Connecting Barnes Rd. and where Hayward turns into Catherine, it’s name is uttered by many with a pirate-y snarl,…


Freelance journalist Alison Dyer wants you to help defend the fen. Small wild spaces in the city are rare. For that alone, they should be heralded, celebrated, defended. Some are so beautiful, one can’t imagine anything ever happening to them.    There’s a wetland, a fen,…

Jimmy Swift Band

The Jimmy Swift Band has played 200+ shows a year for the past three years. That’s like a show every 1.8 days. Or every 43 hours. People I know take showers less often.     But such is life if you’re a jam band.     JSB…

Going local

Diana Daly checks out the neighbourhood Wow, I have to say, I am impressed. This week I met three Newfoundland business people who have inspired me with their ingenuity, prerogatives and philosophies. CHEF IT INTO HIGH GEARMeet Lori Butler. She’s the brains and the culinary…

I <3 art

C2C is opening their fourth season with a group of one-act plays about liking art a little too much. Jonathan Adams took a careful look.

Tales with truthiness

Tonight’s the night for the Storytelling Festival’s Tall Tale competition at the Ship (8:30pm). Here’s an archived interview about a similar competition from a couple year’s back.


10 questions for Snook, St. John’s first son and last line of defense against taking life too seriously. What are your current obsessions?It’s all about the runnin’ lately, really.  I took it up to kick the smokin’, and if I stop poundin’ the pods on…

Happy together

Dan Savage is not for the faint of heart This week’s Savage Love can be found online here. To read letters written about sex and pot visit to

Best Of St. John’s reminder

Don’t forget to vote for your favourites! Entries must be received by midnight Nov. 31, ‘06. Click here to cast your votes online.

Other events Thursday

Mall Walkers Club, 8:45am, Avalon Mall, 737-2333 Improv Workshop, from character development to scene structure, sight gags to verbal dexterity, all are welcome, 5:30pm-7:30pm, free, Rabbittown Theatre

Music Thursday

Acoustic Insiders, 10pm, no cover, Martini Bar Cherie Pyne, Diana Daly, (raw indy rock/edgy love songs) $5, The Ship Denielle Hann, 6pm-9pm, Larry Foley & Patrick Moran 10:30pm, O’Reilly’s Endless Echo, Words Never Said, Blood Shot Monk, 10:30pm, $6, Distortion Freddy Jorgensen, Arthur O’Brien, 8pm,…