Astroloscopes for Aug 10-16, 2006

Leo (July 23 – August 22)Tear along dotted line. Birthdays this week: Antonio Banderas (10th) Hulk Hogan (11th), Fidel Castro (13th), Gary Larsen (14th), Madonna (16th).Email:

Music Thursday

Acoustic Insiders, Martini Bar ALL AGES SHOW: Risky Business (Halifax), Born Obedient, Prime Suspects, Nerve Attack & Troubled Minds, 7pm, $3, The Basement Andrew Ledrew & Barry Ledrew, 9pm, Sundance Atlantic Crossroads, Fat Cat Blair Harvey & Brad Power, Rose & Thistle Bump (live music)…

Give it a chance

Peace-a-Chord may have changed over the years, but Erin Whitney gives a personal history of one of the city’s oldest – but least-established – summer festivals.

Put my what in your where?

Dear Frances B, I am really curious about anal fisting. How the hell do you get your fist into someone’s ass without hurting them? Also do you have any tips for beginners? – Fist or Famine

The urgent abstract

Lebanese artists react to the current Israel-Lebanon conflict and are joined by a perfomance in Newfoundland. Ben Jackson helps us catch a glimpse.

Dukes = Hazard

Jonathan Adams rented the DVD Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story and took one right where it hurts.

Food Nerd for Aug 10-16, 2006

The thing about being a food nerd is that your head is filled with food nerdy dreams. Some other varieties of nerds might dream of, I don’t know, number theory, or of slaying elves or something. I dream of clafoutis.

Other events Thursday

18 & Over Roller Skating, $5 – $4 student/senior. 8pm-10:30pm, Mile One Stadium Storytelling Circle: Experienced storytellers, newcomers & listeners welcome, $2, 7:30-9:30pm, Crow’s Nest Wildflowers of Newfoundland and Labrador (book launch) w/ author Peter J. Scott & painter Dorothy Black, 7-9pm, Chapters